Ben Bishop Jeopardy Update from the Big Sis…

Okay, lots of people asking, so a quick update on Ben’s Jeopardy winnings. As of the Friday show he has won $114,800. He won on Friday and will be back on Monday’s show. Combined, his winnings so far make him the biggest money winner on Jeopardy for the year 2008. He will be returning to the show for the Tournament of Champions, which airs in Mid-March.

Not bad, kiddo, not bad…

Other random Jeopardy related musings, since I’ve been asked a few times:

-This show was taped in early October. They did not limit Ben on who he could tell, but he refrained from telling anyone outside the immediate family, because it was just more fun.

-Each show in which Ben wins, he gets his winning. Anyone coming second gets $3000 and third $1000, but they all have to pay their own way to LA

-The show films 5 shows a day, with everyone changing in the 15 min between shows.

-No, he doesn’t get the money right away, everyone gets paid 120 days from the airing of the show. No word on why…maybe so that if the person should be in jail or owes someone money they have time to mount a case? I don’t know.

Okay. We will now return you to the regularly scheduled Food-Related programming…


  1. Hi I just recently saw your brother on jeopardy – obviously it airs old episodes here in Australia. But your brother is quite possibly the most amazing man I’ve ever seen. I’ll be coming to MA later this year to au pair. I’d love it if your brother could be a tour guide for me :) haha x

  2. And if he’s single please feel free to pass along my email. Thanks!