Best Recipes for Fall Seasonal Cooking

Last week, Seattle sweated through an 80 degree day–not something we have to do often. Three days later, we looked out on grey horizons, at that point where the slate sky meets the silver waters, through a screen of incessant raindrops.  The rain was typical Seattle–not hard enough to get your shirt wet, but leaving puddles and clumps of fragrant leaves strewn about. It smelled like fall. The season was here and it had a woodsy aroma–smokey, yet fresh. Cuddled into a cowl neck sweater, my mind wandered to the wonders of fall foods. Like a kid picking pumpkins from a patch, I selected a few of my favorites from through the years of this blog, in case you too want to dream of mushrooms, fallen leaves, warm soups and steamy crock pots.

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup, from a post in 2008, entitled 'Have you heard? It's Fall'. I think that says it all.

Chanterelle Pasta

Whole wheat pasta with chanterelle mushrooms and rosemary--a recipe I think I can smell in my mind, just thinking about it.

Pork Cheeks in Chipotle

Slow-cooker braised pork cheeks--spend five minutes in the morning, then return home to a scent that will have you drooling.

A soup so wonderful I couldn't have bothered to take a picture. Luckily I've got a lobster mushroom in the fridge right now, awaiting it's soupy fate

Kabocha squash roll close up

My favorite fall squash, all squashed up and made into a steamy, soft dinner roll. You'll want to bury your nose in them before you even get to eating them.

And you? What are your favorite fall recipes? Leave me a link, I can’t wait to learn of other people’s seasonal savorings!