Cauliflower Bread

A flat bread made out of Romesco cauliflower struck me as really cool. It struck my mother as something a starving peasant would do during the Thirty Years’ War. That’s the difference between us, I suppose.

Inspired by something I found on Pinterest, which, by the way, I’m obsessed with, I set out to create my own version of Cauliflower Bread. It turns out to be is a lovely snack or side dish. The first thing that struck me was that it would make an excellent gluten-free Thanksgiving side dish–I can imagine it only gets better when dipped in gravy or cranberry sauce. If you happen to be someone who needs to eat more vegetables (or who has a child who needs to) this is also great for covert vegetable serving operations.

Since I am neither gluten-free, nor serving anyone who is (nor having a Thanksgiving dinner this year), and I get plenty of vegetables, I had another reason for making these. Because it is awesome that by taking a dying cauliflower from my fridge I can transform it in a matter of an hour into a flatbread-like snack. And I love awesome.


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