The French—They’re Just Like Us.

Here in the U.S. there’s a general feeling that France is the star of the dining scene. Sure, we’re doing our best, and we’ve come of dining age, but the real masters, with their mother sauces and generations of heritage, are in France. Just like US Weekly’s celebrity spying, column Stars, They’re Just Like Us, what I learned on my recent trip to Paris and Avignon is that when it comes down to it, the French? They eat just like us. 

They serve out-of-season tomatoes:

The French, They're Just Like Us, They Eat Tomatoes

Only theirs are smothered in broiled Brie.

They shop at Farmers Markets:

The French are Just Like us-Seafood

They like to picnic:

The French are Just Like us-Picnic

Things I need for my next picnic basket: wine glasses, fancy water, matching turquoise salt and pepper grinders.

Sometimes they just want a nice salad for lunch:

The French are Just Like us-Salad

They like to eat cheese:

The French are Just Like us- Cheese!Just like us. Only maybe a little better.


  1. Nathaniel Parr says:

    I spent a month in Paris this summer; you’re so right. They do like to picnic! It seems like laying out on the grass, hanging out, talking, and eating, is the French national pasttime. It also seems like there is usually a soccer ball nearby.

    And, the sheer variety of cheese is pretty overwhelming. I love how ingredients that we treat as exotic and gourmet in the United States are just commonplace everyday shopping cart items in France, like cheeses, charcuterie, and terrines.

    I guess that’s the advantage of having hundreds and hundreds of years of developed regional food culture.

  2. and their cheese is almost as good as cheese from Wisconsin.