Fish Markets of the World: A Photo Essay

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Pike Place Fish Sign

My hometown fish market, the Pike Place Market, is not too shabby itself.

The chaos of an early morning clamor for seafood is balm on my jet-lagged soul. The hours match up with my skewed body clock, giving me something to do besides count the flies on my hotel ceiling. Rows of freshly caught fish, stacked and ready to sell give me something besides empty roads to feast my eyes upon and the strange hours of fisherman and fishmongers mean the promise of a hearty meal at all hours.

As I semi-professionally wander about the world, the fish market is often my first glimpse of a new place. Into each market you can read both everything (how aggressive are the sellers, how clean and organized is the market, what type of food is served) and nothing (when the market is wholesale and doesn’t target consumers, when it’s spotless because it’s sanitized for tourists, and when the restaurant serves the food of the immigrants doing the fishing, not the locals).

Join me as I wander the world of fish markets.

Provence, France (Various)

France urchins

France Oysters

France Scallops

Passikudah, Sri Lanka

Passikudah fish

Passikudah fish measure

Passikudah fish carrying

Mexico City, Mexico (Mercado San Juan)

San Juan Market

San Juan Market Clams

San Juan Market Clam knife

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Fish Souk)

Dubai Clean

Dubai Wide

Dubai Measure

Dubai Cat

Gulf Coast, Alabama (Billy’s Seafood)

Lousiana Seafood

Lousiana Seafood Billy

Lousiana Seafood Billy and son

Seoul, South Korea (Noryangjin)

Korean Sushi

Korea Tons


Negombo, Sri Lanka

Negombo arrival

Negombo with Boat

Negombo with Cut

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  1. It’s hard to beat the fish markets in South Korea. You cannot get more fresh than live fish. Two of the best that you have not covered are the Guangzhou seafood market (similar to south korea but specialising in shell fish) and Sydney fish market (no live fish, but amazing quality of salt water fish)