The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog?

Keep up with my food writing by subscribing to my newsletter Given that I've written on this blog at the snailish pace of one post a year for the last couple, it shouldn't be so hard to admit the thing is dead. But since I became a full-time freelance food writer three years ago, writing for free for myself has lost some of the sheen. Why would I write here when someone else will pay me for it? That's not to say I'll never write anything here again, and I'm going to keep springing for the hosting fees so I can check my personal recipe book and travel guide. But I wanted to make sure that … [Read more...]

App Release: Unique Eats of the Northwest

“I’m having a girl!” the text came in yesterday from my best friend. I couldn’t be happier for her. THERE IS A TINY HUMAN INSIDE MY BEST FRIEND. What could be more exciting than that? Nothing. But this is my blog, not hers, so that’s not my story. Instead, here’s the second most interesting thing going on in my world. I’ve been gestating a little something myself for the last nine months: a tiny, electronic baby. If I were texting my friends about it, the message would say: “I’m having an app!” I’m not texting, though. Even just saying out loud, “My app is releasing today” feels … [Read more...]

5 Things That Dreaming of Being a Food Writer Got Me

Half a decade ago, I wanted to be a food writer. A local food writer I admired gave me the advice to start a blog. This blog has improved my life in more ways than I could ever count. I'd love to break bread with all of you and tell you the reasons, but I'll share a few here for now. One recent morning the food world was abuzz about Amanda Hesser's article Advice for Future Food Writers. In reading it, I was disappointed in some of it. In the way it dashes dreams. Little kids hope to be firemen and astronauts, recent college grads, hungry and broke, dream of being food writers. Yet, she … [Read more...]

Mac and Miso: Inspiration and Failure

I broke my blog. I wasn't paying attention, and I hit update on something, and it overrode changes I'd made that do minor things. Things I'm sure other people don't even pay attention to, like whether the ads fit in their boxes or not. Whether there is a 'next post' button at the bottom of the page. My blog is broken, and while I designed it my self, I'll be honest, it was a while ago and I can't for the life of me remember how I made it work before. This was supposed to be a post about inspiration. Specifically about the chef and photographer who inspired the dish above and the photo I … [Read more...]

My Year in Food, 2011

Normal is not what I do best. Thus my end-of-year top-ten list will be anything but. For starters, it's not ten items. Instead, this is a peek inside my brain, where cooking and reading and small creatures in the night all crawl about, mingling and mixing into a delightful stew of tasty tidbits. It's December, and while I'm more likely to look forward to the next year than backwards on the last, here's a few things that stuck in my maw, reminding me why the life of good eating is so wonderful. Best non-cookbook: Grant Achatz's Life, on the Line This is not the best written book ever, … [Read more...]

Donate, Win, Eat, Travel: Passports with a Purpose

I'm back from Mexico with fresh cooking tips from an Abuela (grandma), a passion for pambazos (think tortas, but soaked in chile, then fried) and a few imbibe-able souvenirs. Before I start in on my posts about those, I wanted to give you the opportunity to win a little travel adventure of your own. As self-indulgent as this lovely blog is, I couldn't help but jump at the opportunity to help out by participating in Passports with a Purpose, to help raise money to build libraries in Zambia. "Zambia? Books? That doesn't sound like food?" You might be saying. And you'd be right, but only … [Read more...]

Little Nibbles: Chicken and Waffles, Squash Snacks and Me!

A quick round up of all things delicious, in my kitchen, in my city and around the world… The Chaffle Remember when I told you all about Chicken and Waffles in Seattle? Well, a restaurateur responded to my challenge. Blue Moon Burgers invited me in to try their 'Chaffle,' a chicken and waffle sandwiched. And I'll be damned if it wasn't pretty darn good. Act quickly though--it's only their burger of the month, so you only have until the end of November (that's next week, for those of you in December denial) to give it a taste test. Squash on Tortillas In my own kitchen, I've been brewing … [Read more...]

Little Nibbles: Chef Nordo, Mushroom Hunting and Pie. Plus Pie.

A quick round up of all things delicious, in my kitchen, in my city and around the world… Cafe Nordo Returns Savor Tomorrow is the latest dinner theater production by the folks behind Chef Nordo. They've abandoned the current time zone and boarded a plane in 1962, heading for Seattle for the World's Fair. In keeping with the Mad Men/Pan-Am trend in cocktails today, we were served a variety of delightful cocktails and 1962's 'futuristic' food. The show is interesting and as the plot unfolds the subtle digs at the food industry get better. There's nothing about theater that I don't find … [Read more...]

Changing the Energy

Recently I wrote a very angry piece. It was mostly spurred on by having read the Stranger's review of a hookah bar. But some not very nice things were said. Now there's backlash and comments and commenting on the comments, and I'll be honest, it stresses me out. Two diet coke's and a Reese's later. I'm calming down. I never set out to offend anyone. I have met Ms. Leson and Mr. Kauffman before and had extended conversations with Ms. Kelly and Ms. Denn via email. All are not but the nicest people in the world. My criticism, though it might been less than kind, was more directed towards those … [Read more...]

How the Newspaper Industry Killed my Wednesdays

Unless you have been living under a rock (or don't scrutinize the food section of every paper as your wednesday morning activity, same thing, really, in my book), you may have noticed that many of the papers have been slowly killing their food sections. Each week there is less original content and more drivel or previously posted content. The papers are requiring that their food writers post on blogs. Thus the content in the paper is either reprint or nationally syndicated. I live in the Northwest. I don't care to read about artichokes in March (thank you, Los Angeles), nor do I care about … [Read more...]