Restaurant Review 360: Jasmine and The first SFBA

Two very exciting and cool events coming up here on the blog. First off, I'm hosting the May Restaurant Review 360 event. First hosted last month on Herbivoracious, this means that a whole slew of us Seattle area food bloggers all review the same restaurant, then I'll round them up and post an overview of the reviews. I'm very excited to take on the event, and have chosen Jasmine Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant. It is relatively new and has recieved complimentary reviews, so I think it fits as a candidate. Bloggers: All you've got to do is review this restaurant by May 20th and link back … [Read more...]

Greatness in Seattle

I wanted to quickly call attention to two great works of food research that are currently being done in Seattle. Over on Mouthfuls, a group of culinariacs are working their way through the lunch offerings of the Pike Place Market. See their research here. Separately, but in a related vein, the group over at MSG150 is blogging their way through the food of the international district. You can see their work here. Both groups are systematically working their way through a food community, trying everything, despite warning signs of bad food to come. This is brave eating, and I cannot express … [Read more...]

Who is a Big Nerd?

That would be me. Click at your own risk of losing any shred of respect you might once have had for me. This is my entry for the contest to be on the No Reservations TV show. Because I'm a big nerd and a total fangirl. What are you gonna do, huh? Unfortunately the process to upload the video really screwed up a lot of it. There used to be titles and transitions and the sound matched the video. Now I'm just another crazy fan girl with a choppy, grainy video. Hopefully I'll get a post up soon on the awesome Top Chef premiere party and regain some status as not quite the lamest food blogger in … [Read more...]

In with the old…

I recently stopped writing for Seattle Metroblogging. While writing for them, they ask that you don't cross post your blog posts. Now that I'm free of that, I will be archiving all my old posts, because I really think I did some of my best writing for them--and I want it back! … [Read more...]