6 Books to Give Adventurous Eaters (Or, Let’s Be Honest, to Buy for Yourself)

Everybody and their monkey is putting out a gift guide, and obviously, I wanted to jump in on the fun with my own area of expertise: what to buy for people who love to cook and eat (or at the least, read about cooking or eating) food from all over the world. Since the monkeys write poorly and everybody else tends to stick to mainly Euro-American-centric stuff, I thought I'd better get the word out about some tasty tomes. I devour over 75 cookbooks a year. Figuratively, of course. Between those sent to me by publishers, the ones I buy myself, the ones I take from the public library, and the … [Read more...]

Book Review: Pike Place Market Recipes by Jess Thomson

As I've mentioned before, the Pike Place Market is the Plaza to my Eloise. I considered it mine long before I realized that every girl didn't have just such a place in her little life. I took the hum bao for granted, rolled my eyes at the flying fish, and assumed the rainbow of vegetables stacked higher than my head was a human right. So pardon me if I was concerned about the coming of a new book about MY market. Luckily Pike Place Market Recipes: 130 Delicious Ways to Bring Home Seattle's Famous Market* by Jess Thomson is not the same as those that have gone before. It explores the market as … [Read more...]

My Year in Food, 2011

Normal is not what I do best. Thus my end-of-year top-ten list will be anything but. For starters, it's not ten items. Instead, this is a peek inside my brain, where cooking and reading and small creatures in the night all crawl about, mingling and mixing into a delightful stew of tasty tidbits. It's December, and while I'm more likely to look forward to the next year than backwards on the last, here's a few things that stuck in my maw, reminding me why the life of good eating is so wonderful. Best non-cookbook: Grant Achatz's Life, on the Line This is not the best written book ever, … [Read more...]

Little Nibbles: Challah, Chocolate Wine, New Dim Sum

Warm up a chilly fall Monday morning with the scent of bread baking, the sound of wine pouring and the taste of dim sum on your tongue. A quick round up of all things delicious, in my kitchen, in my city and around the world... First and foremost: It's all about ME! I have a new column on the Seattle Weekly's Voracious Blog: On Monday mornings, you'll now find my recommendations for where to eat on Monday nights (when everything else is closed). Check out my first column, up today, on the Leary Traveler. Fresh Baked Challah The recent Jewish Holidays got me into a baking mode and … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Read “A Tiger in the Kitchen” Today

My eye was caught by an invitation that floated through my inbox--meet the author of a memoir about Singaporean cuisine. My mind flocked to everything I knew about Singapore's food: Crab, spice, a mix of Indian, Chinese and Malay. Delicious, complicated flavors served at hawker stands. I was already drooling as I RSVP'ed yes, I'd come learn about A Tiger in the Kitchen! With an exclamation point. I couldn't have been more glad I attended the event, met the author, and read the book, which I devoured in the hours following the meet-up. Despite my apprehension about anyone who admitted to … [Read more...]

Just Bento Cookbook and Turnip Salad Recipe

I want to crawl into a bento box. Curl up real tiny with the apple rabbits and carrot stars, atop a soft and gentle bed of white rice. Pull around me a blanket of nori and have my self a siesta. Wait, though, not just any bento box. The breathtaking (yes, I said breathtaking) cedar box that Makiko Itoh brought when she spoke at the book event Viv held recently. With a beautiful box like that, you feel obliged to make a beautiful lunch to match. Sadly, I don't see myself getting a $75 bento box anytime soon. But a girl can window shop, no? The event, where Itoh cooked up a feast of bento … [Read more...]

Asian Dumplings: A Book Review

If I had to choose my two favorite foods, it would be noodles and meat, so the dumpling is my own personal superfood. Andrea Nguyen, my new hero, has recently written my dream book: Asian Dumplings. Yes, all about dumplings. Oh, dear. I'm drooling already, just thinking about it. When my copy first arrived on the doorstep, thanks to her generous publisher, I opened the box and sat down on the couch. It was ten o'clock at night, I was exhausted, I had just returned from a long dinner meeting and just wanted to relax with my beautiful book. And then I opened the book. My advice for readers of … [Read more...]