Seattle Food Tour

One of the most enjoyable elements of our trip to New York was that we were given a self guided walking tour of food place on an online message board. Extending it and adding our own interests, we ended up spending a day walking--we totaled it up to about 12 miles, and eating. It was an amazing experience, and I felt that I had truly gotten to know the city, walking the streets and eating just a small nibble at each place. We ended up often eating between the two of us, about half of each item, then giving the other half to the nearest hungry looking street-person. So we even added a little … [Read more...]

When White Girls go to Dim Sum: Tea Garden: (7/16/07)

If you live anywhere besides in the International District, Dim Sum has just gotten a little bit easier to get to. Located at the corner of Ranier and Dearborn, Tea Garden is a mere block off the freeway and has its own parking lot, making access easy for those of us coming from the north. Despite the difficulty of getting to dim sum in other areas with a bad hangover, I have had dim sum many a time. We always joke that they treat non-asians differently, giving us lots of water, or offering us a fork, but I have never felt like I was treated so differently until Tea Garden. Unfortunately, like … [Read more...]

Jack’s Mainly Deliciousness: (7/12/07)

This was my week at Jack's. Jack's Mainly Chinese Tapas Cafe, that is. As a lover of Chinese food, I have been trying to convince my boyfriend of its worth, but given that he had only been to buffets in his native Indiana, I had been having trouble getting him into them. Now we've had Chinese 3 times this week, all because I stumbled upon Jack's.The atmosphere might not be traditional, and you have to eat in to be able to pick specials off the whiteboards, crowded with things you've never tried before, but the daring are rewarded, as the best dishes were blind shots in the dark. Saturday night … [Read more...]

Lessons from a Chinese Roommate Part 1: Turkey Dumplings

When I was in college, I had to roommates that were from China. One of them ate only week old balogna she kept in the desk drawer and the unmentionables of some of the guys that lived on our floor, but the other one taught me alot of what I now know about cooking. These two dishes, turkey wontons and whole trout in chile sauce are both inspired by dishes she would make. One of the first things Tracey taught me about making dumplings was to not bother making the dough. Too much work, she said. Because I substitued ground turkey breast in for the pork for this recipe, I chose to use wonton … [Read more...]

Szechuan Bistro

First I think I should admit to having ate their food twice in two days. Now I can continue.We stopped in here because we wanted something hot and spicy due to the illness contracted by the ol' bf. It advertised hot and spicy, and that wasn't really what we got. The service was quick at first (probably because we went in at 5pm) but slowed down as the phone started to ring and people came in. Most people took the food to go, which is unfortunate because I had a sizzling plate of noodles and the best part was definetly the sizzled bottom! Brett had the mongolian beef which was good, though … [Read more...]