Mushroom Festival and a $75 Giveaway Contest–about Mushrooms

The prize for this giveaway is kindly sponsored by the folks at CSN, who run a number of websites where you can find everything a good eater needs from a dining table to cookware. Details about the contest are at the bottom of this post. Ever since I started mushroom hunting about two years ago, I've been inundated with people wanting to know where I go, how I do it. My only answer is to try to explain just how much work it was. Hours of classes, studying, walking around in the damp, drizzly local woods, driving around, hoping that this would be the right spot. I wish I had a better answer. … [Read more...]

Chanterelles with Rosemary: A Foraged Feast

Seattle has a reputation for constant rain. Natives such as myself know that isn't true--it only rains in fall, winter and spring, and even then, just a light drizzle. Regardless, we natives also know that the rain brings us treasures in the form of chanterelle mushrooms. As our short summer wound down last week, I watched the rains begin--along with the complaints from those who have moved here from cities with summers that go past labor day. As others complained of the wetness, my head danced with visions of the reward we Seattleites get for enduring the rain. Freshly foraged chanterelle … [Read more...]

10 Minutes to Lobster Mushroom Bisque

Tonight's dinner, a beautiful Lobster Mushroom Bisque, I made, start to finish in about ten minutes. I'm betting myself I can do the blogpost in an equally small amount of time. Especially easy since in my hurry to scarf the soup, I had no intention of stopping to take a picture. This dish makes a perfect entrance as the foggy days of fall roll in. Warm, hearty and a soup that's really a meal. I stole the idea from Carmelita, which did a Lobster Mushroom Bisque in a Tomatillo, hallowed out, for this year's Sunset Supper event. Theirs actually tasted like lobster bisque. I was aiming for a … [Read more...]

Breaking Out the Deep Fryer: Razor Clams

As the recently minted owner of a deep fryer, I felt there was only one thing I could do with my little babies when I came home from clamming with a full limit of razor clams. The clamming itself required getting up early, a long drive, some hard physical labor and not falling asleep on the drive home. The cooking itself required taming the squirmy beasts long enought to clean out their innards--which sometimes had (safe!) worms or crabs hanging out in them. Yeah, it still makes my tummy turn. I squealed. But then, then it gets to be more fun. Definitely check out my partner in crime, … [Read more...]

A Fabulous Northwest Weekend

It was raining slightly on my run this morning, but now the bright sun is shining through my office window. It is so typical Seattle, and I just love it. Like I love so many things about my city, including so much of my weekend. This was my first weekend not coaching ski racing, my first days off in many months (since the snow started falling) and I was eager to get outside and enjoy the many things that are on offer here. It was such a fabulous collection of awesome activities that I'm posting here so you can remember how great where we live is... First thing Saturday morning, we sauntered … [Read more...]

I’m Going on a Mushroom Hunt!

  (title to be sung to the tune of the old camp classic "I'm going on a bear hunt") There are people in this world who, when an idea strikes them, can reply with "oh, that would be cool" and then move on with the rest of their lives. Not so much with my friends and I. So when K and I realized that our love of trampling through the woods of the Northwest could be combined with our love of eating fungi, we became possessed with the idea of being mushroom foragers. So a few things happened. After realizing that a) we had no idea how to find a mushroom, b) we had no idea where to find a … [Read more...]