Eating in Washington D.C.: Ben’s and Amys’

Somehow, in my entire life, I had somehow neglected to ever get to our nation's capitol. This little situation was rectified recently when I landed for the wedding of friends of mine. Tracey, another college friend of mine, was excited to take this moment to show me the food of the area. So, I have to admit, I walked by the White House on the way to a sandwich shop. I did see the Washington Monument from the deck of a bar serving me drinks. My trip was not entirely void of culture, history and that thing, housed in the city, oh, yeah, our government? That said, time was limited and the food … [Read more...]

The Keys to Lovely Evening: Pizza on the Grill, Wine in the Glass

A happy discovery that while my pizza was not really pizza in the oven, by sticking it on the grill it was quite a bit improved. The toppings were not quite as well cooked, but the crispy crust more than made up for it. We preceded this with grilled leeks, which just may be the best grilled veg out there. A note on grilling the pizza: These suckers go fast! B didn't believe me at first when I told him to go get the pizza, then was shocked to see that it was already burning a little on the bottom. Tasty, tasty, crispy, crunchy burning. … [Read more...]

Never take Pizza Advice from a Brit

Oh, the picture is supposed to be taken before we dive in? That would make more sense. No, actually we were checking our not very brown crust to make sure it was done, but I later decided we needed a picture. I had previously used Mark Bittman's crust recipe in How to Cook Everything, but I didn't like it a whole lot. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to adapt from Jaime Oliver's Naked Chef cookbook to make a pizza, I mean, what do the Brits know about pizza? What we did turn out from it was some mighty delicious flatbread. Have I mentioned recently that I love zucchini … [Read more...]