Make Your Own Mozzies

For me, one of the most annoying tasks in the kitchen is breading things. I hate the messiness of the multiple dippings and my batter always falls off and then when I'm doing mozzarella sticks (aka mozzies) the cheese oozes out and it is all just chaos. So I devised a system to retain crunchy, gooey, cheesy amazingness while avoiding the mess. Now, I was mostly making these for B and his buddies while they watched the Bears eke out a win, so I made half plain, but I couldn't resist going a little bit gourmet on a few for myself. Buy phyllo (filo) dough and string cheese and you are already … [Read more...]

Ballard Bike and Brew

Warning to Mom, Dad and Grandma: Read at your own risk. I really don't need a safety lecture later. Thanks. "See, the difference between driving drunk and biking drunk is that your not going to injure or kill anyone else" What happens when you get woken up by your boyfriends text message alarm repeating the line from the Big Lebowski "You don't fuck with the Jesus" then again three hours later by the alarm going out on your smoke alarm? Well if you are me, you sleep till two and then start drinking. Thus begins the adventures of the infamous Ballard Bike and Brew, complete with bar … [Read more...]

Jerks and Mozzies

No they aren't rival gangs, Jerks and Mozzies is what B asks for when he wants to go watch football at Wingmasters. In an effort to save some money and spend more time at home, I told him that I would make him Jerks and Mozzies while he watched football. Unfortunately it was an exciting game, and as such I neglected to write down what I put in to the dishes. Luckily I took a picture of the ridiculous mise en place I had for the jerk sauce, so I hope I can tell you approzimately what I put in there. Starting with the bowl in the center, which is one bunch of scallions. The red in the one … [Read more...]

Wingmasters: Revisited

Many months ago I wrote about a favorite bar here and here. Due to being a bit more conscious of what I'm eating and no longer living in Ballard, it has been a while since we were there. I had written of the leaving of Todd, THE wingMaster. But last night we went back and things were great. A slimmed down, far less alcoholic looking version of Todd was back in the kitchen. The jerk wings were as spicy and tasty as I remembered and the mozzarella sticks (pictured above) just as huge and melty. The place appears to have been cleaned up ("There isn't a trough in the bathroom anymore! There is … [Read more...]

74th Street Alehouse

My first shock regarding the 74th Street Alehouse was that when I walked in at 7:45 on a wednesday evening, the place was absolutely jam-packed. After getting over this initial shock, I managed to snag a small table for two from a departing couple. A waiter was over almost immediately to clear and wipe the table. I very much appreciated this, because nothing is worse than sitting at a dirty bar table full of someone else's dishes.Our drink orders were nearly immediately taken by a somewhat crazed waitres--crazed in the good, 'all over the place' kind of way, but it did take a little while to … [Read more...]

The Old Peculiar

I love pub trivia, and I had heard that the trivia at the OP was legendary, so I decided to give it a shot. I recruited the man and a friend and her man and the four of us went. I got there at 615 to snag a table, though if you stood around and got lucky, you could snag them up until right about 7. But this isn't about trivia.We mostly drank and enjoyed ourselves, though I got hungry and ordered a mac and cheese. I don't expect much from pub grub. In fact, I don't even need the veggies to be on the plate. I liked my mac and cheese--penne and cheese with garlicky bread crumbs on top, to be … [Read more...]

Wingmasters Note

We went in for wings at Wingmasters last night, and I'm sad to announce that Todd, the cook has been fired. I have no interest in this place any more. His wing sauces were what made this bar great.He has an interview with the now Consolidated Restaurants owned Wing Dome next week. Best of luck, Todd! … [Read more...]

The Park Pub

Upon an invite to $5 burger night with my middle school best friend and her boyfriend, I headed off to check out what $5 could buy you at the Park Pub. Well, it turned out to be quite a good deal. When I sat down, the other two had already odered, so they were ready to inform me that the Portabella mushroom burger wasnt available. I went with a bacon and bleu cheese instead. I also got my choice of a schooner of any draft beer. Not bad, really. Though it does remind me why we normally order these things in pint form. Because the other two ordered before me, I assumed the pile of fries dumped … [Read more...]


24th and 58th in BallardWingmasters is exactly what all dive bars should strive to be. I will issue this with a warning that I would not go in there alone. Nor would I reccomend any other females doing so. Even with my boyfriend holding on to me, I am still incessently hit on and groped here. Harmless drunks, all of them, but nonetheless, warning issued. There tends to be a high ratio of extremely wasted people in this bar at all times. There was also the selling and buying of cocaine occuring. That said the food is delish.The mozzarella sticks here are the size of pilsbury cookie dough … [Read more...]

Lock and Keel

Lock and Keel is a nice little pub--I thought it was going to be a dive bar, considering my boyfriend wanted to go. Instead of a grill, they go in a different direction, and have a smoker out back. This meant that the nachos turned out wonderfully, topped with a big pile of shredded barbecue. The quesadilla did not work out quite as well in this method.There was a good selection of beers though, and the nachos were enough to hold me over despite my poor decision on the quesadilla. … [Read more...]