Succulent Swimmers–Spicy Shrimp Sushi

  For my birthday last week, D and A bought me some awesome food utensils. B picked them up on his way home, arriving with the goodies, including a dumpling press, just as I finished hand shaping tons of dumplings! Next time, guys, next time. What a great idea. However, the other part of the present included a bamboo sushi rolling mat. So last night, as I contemplated my fridge... Things I had: Rice, just enough rice vinegar to mix in, salt, seaweed, bamboo rolling mat. Things I didn't have: Fresh fish Quite the conundrum, no? Not so fast, darling. I reached in to my freezer and pulled … [Read more...]

Bush Garden

Today I was invited to join the MSG150 crew. I had seen that their previous post was Ocean City, and given that they have a planned out route, was hopeful that this would mean I would get to eat next door at Shanghai Garden. We used to call Shanghai Garden "chinese crack" because of our addiction to the hand shaved green noodles. But alas, when the call came in, it was a different garden that I got to eat at--Bush Garden. I arrived a bit ahead of the others and peeked into half of the dining room. Booths were so tall you couldn't see over the top, allowing for the ultimate in privacy along one … [Read more...]

A Tasty Piece of Fish

This was a weekend of old favorites. We had hot pot at Seven Stars Peppers on Saturday night, and Sunday we visited the old 'hood for our favorite sushi at our favorite price: Shun. Without a doubt, in my mind, Shun is the best value sushi in town. Prices are very reasonable and food is exceptional. I love Maneki, though I need to feel patient and rich to go there. I have tried other lower priced options, but Shun is where I return. We actually ended up spending a bit more than expected this time, but that was because they were serving exactly what I wanted to eat. As I bit into my salmon … [Read more...]

Has it really been almost 24 hrs. since I posted on sushi?: (5/9/07)

I'm an honest person, thus I am embracing (Freudian Slip: I actually wrote embarrassing) my love of raw fish. I was recently tipped off regarding a Korean dish called Hwe Dup Bop. I was told it was essentially a chirashi bowl with raw egg on top. So today I moseyed on down to the new King's Teriyaki at the corner of Broadway and Denny and ordered a #31 (I didn't dare try to pronounce that). Because I ordered to-go, I am not sure how this would have looked if I had gotten it in the appropriate flatware, but I took it back to my office and unwrapped my bundle like an excited kid on Christmas … [Read more...]

Sushi Delight: (5/8/07)

As I am on the eternal quest for the $5 sushi feast, I am always on the lookout for a great deal at a local sushi restaurant. My boyfriend recently introduced me to the current favorite. At Hiroshi's, a small little slip of a restaurant in a strip mall type building on the side of Eastlake. As you sit down, they bring over an amuse bouche of sesame seaweed salad. After ordering, I learned my meal also came with a miso soup, complete with chunks of fried egg and tofu. But the real specialty was the Chirashi bowl I had ordered. I have eaten a fair amount of chirashi in my life, and was expecting … [Read more...]

Omakase Life (4/25/07)

Recently my roommate and I, sushi afficionado extraordinaires, discovered the magic word 'Omakase'. Essentially it means that you would like the chef to give you whatever is best that day. Having just enjoyed a delicious and unique meal at Shun, near U. Village (full omakase reviews after the break), I got to thinking about using the term omakase in other fields. When we sit down at the sushi bar and say 'omakase' the chef relishes his (or her?) chance to show off just how well they can do while at the same time you get to enjoy the fruit of his labor. It isn't that the sushi is not always … [Read more...]

Umi Sake House

I had previously only been to Umi for happy hour and thus my only memory was fuzzily searching for the bathroom, which is camoflouged into a wooden wall and not ideal for those of us who have had too much cheap sake.But this time we had missed Happy Hour (which runs til 8, so you must be very flaky to miss). So we had a look at the extensive fresh sheet and the two enormous pages of menu items. I started with the oyster shooter. Each of the components--a sorbet, the oyster, and the salsa type veggies on the bottome--were delicious, but I very much like my oyster and found it very overwhelming … [Read more...]

I Love Sushi

So after having convinced the Man that I Love Sushi deserved a second try (he had been there, I had not, but had heard great things about it), we headed down for an early dinner. It was expensive (80 for the two of us), but you got what you paid for. The service was excellent (the B did not like that the waitress moved his beer when she put down the food) and I got to try things I don't normally order at sushi places.We started with a special: salmon wrapped oysters. While I was almost insulted when the waitress asked us "you know its raw, right" I held my tongue. And what came out was 4 … [Read more...]


So this will actually be an amalgam of my many times at Shun, a Sushi place outside of University Village.I started out with a vendetta against Shun. While in previous incarnations the building has been a KFC and a freaky vegan cafe, its most recent incarnation was as my family's go-to thai restaurant, Thai Dusit. Furthermore, my first visit my food was forgotten. We went, we ordered, everyone at my table got their food. I asked repeatedly for my food, my family finished theirs, mine still was not there. I left hungry, bitter, and nostalgic for Thai Dusit, who had never, in all my many visits, … [Read more...]

Sam’s Sushi

So I have been to Sam's before and have always enjoyed decent, even good, cheap sushi there. We went for the BF's B-day, though and I was thoughroly dissapointed. Our sashimi was frozen. I could see the ice crystals in my fish. We pointed this out to the waitress, who took the fish back, switched that one fish out, and gave us a different kind. Not more, not switching out other types of fish (which were also frozen) but simply the one piece I had pointed out. She was also unapologetic. When you consider it was a birthday dinner, and we were spending over $100 for a two top, which I'm guessing … [Read more...]