Cauliflower Bread

A flat bread made out of Romesco cauliflower struck me as really cool. It struck my mother as something a starving peasant would do during the Thirty Years' War. That's the difference between us, I suppose. Inspired by something I found on Pinterest, which, by the way, I'm obsessed with, I set out to create my own version of Cauliflower Bread. It turns out to be is a lovely snack or side dish. The first thing that struck me was that it would make an excellent gluten-free Thanksgiving side dish--I can imagine it only gets better when dipped in gravy or cranberry sauce. If you happen to be … [Read more...]

Little Nibbles: Chef Nordo, Mushroom Hunting and Pie. Plus Pie.

A quick round up of all things delicious, in my kitchen, in my city and around the world… Cafe Nordo Returns Savor Tomorrow is the latest dinner theater production by the folks behind Chef Nordo. They've abandoned the current time zone and boarded a plane in 1962, heading for Seattle for the World's Fair. In keeping with the Mad Men/Pan-Am trend in cocktails today, we were served a variety of delightful cocktails and 1962's 'futuristic' food. The show is interesting and as the plot unfolds the subtle digs at the food industry get better. There's nothing about theater that I don't find … [Read more...]

Best Recipes for Fall Seasonal Cooking

Last week, Seattle sweated through an 80 degree day--not something we have to do often. Three days later, we looked out on grey horizons, at that point where the slate sky meets the silver waters, through a screen of incessant raindrops.  The rain was typical Seattle--not hard enough to get your shirt wet, but leaving puddles and clumps of fragrant leaves strewn about. It smelled like fall. The season was here and it had a woodsy aroma--smokey, yet fresh. Cuddled into a cowl neck sweater, my mind wandered to the wonders of fall foods. Like a kid picking pumpkins from a patch, I selected a few … [Read more...]

Steamy Whole Wheat Kabocha Rolls

The heat in our apartment appears to be controlled by martians so the cool days have been inspiring me to do something I fear like the reaper: Bake. By martians, I may actually mean the girls that live below us. Point is, its cold during the day so instead of being productive with work, I want to bake. I had an idea in mind; though stumbling across this post confirmed to me that it was a good idea. I also had a Kabocha squash, my very favorite kind, sitting on the counter. Squash Winter Warm Bake Visions of warm, buttery rolls floated through my head, emitting puffs of steam when you … [Read more...]

The Best Bread: Shepherd’s Grain Flour

Subtitle: In which I go all wheat-geek on you guys So I went on a wheat farm tour, thanks to Shepherd's Grain Flour. SG is a local, no-till (more on that later) wheat cooperative, and the tour was awesome. I was geeking out learning all about wheat farming, but I know that as exciting as it was to see in person, it wouldn't translate well to a blog. Then I tasted the different wheat kernels and was fascinated by all the various flavors that were perceptible and began to compose a post in my head. I was ready to invite the world over to taste these various wheat kernels. Then I baked with the … [Read more...]

Double the Fun: Corn Soup, Corn Fritters

Corn fritters may not sound like the most exciting thing on earth, but they were delicious and they were twice as exciting because they were made from what otherwise would have been thrown in the trash. Backing up, I had five beautiful ears of corn. Gorgeous specimens, the epitome of late summer embodied in tiny, yellow toothed fabulosity. Yet, somehow, in the week I had had them, I had yet to use them in anything! It was a crime against fresh produce, an evil act upon the tasty treats. Teetering on the edge of no longer being good, I lunged to save them from the oncoming grasp of the twin … [Read more...]

San Francisco Picnic

Now that my situation has been rectified, I must admit that I was committing a grave mistake by failing to visit San Francisco in the last 14 years. In the coming days, I do promise to attempt a deeper delve into the food I consumed while actually on my visit, but right now I'm already floating down memory lane by eating the fabulous foods that I brought back with me. Thanks to the luxury of traveling with a small insulated tote, I was able to return from my short trip laden with the fabulous products which I did not have time to eat while there. The pimentos de padron, you'll see, the bright … [Read more...]

Secretly Salting (Who, Me?): Sweet Potato Whole Wheat Roti

Hi, my name is The GastroGnome and I am a Saltaholic. I love salt. I love that regular old iodinized table salt, I love kosher salt, I love fancy Maldon and Fleur de Sel. I even love the book 'Salt' by Mark Kurlansky. Once I may have attempted to make my own salt. So now that that is all settled, I can explain how this relates to the delicious sweet potato roti that I made the other night. See, I love making my own breads and pastas and what not, but it is often a lot of work. And sometimes a lot of waiting. So when I heard about how easy Roti was to make, I thought this was great. The fact … [Read more...]

Pick a Peck a Pita

  It was a baking kind of a day, but I felt like breaking my routine, no more of my usual loafs and baguettes. I thought about what I should make, vaguely remembering this post by the Frantic Foodie, unofficial de facto event planner of the Seattle food blogging scene. Soon my kitchen was under a thin blanket of flour, floating about in the air like lost snowflakes as I mixed, rolled and baked. There was, literally, pita everywhere. I made little tiny ones for breakfasts, big ones for sandwiches, a pita for every day and way. As much as I've enjoyed all my baking forays, there hasn't been … [Read more...]