Gourd-Tastic, Part 2: A failed pumpkin pie

Okay, I know I should pretend I am fantastic at everything and all, but I admit it--I failed at pumpkin pie. Not directly through any fault of my own, of course. Not really.Basically I have never made a pie before and at B's suggestion, decided to try my hand at it. Using the beginner's bible (aka Mark Bittman's How to Make Everything) I followed a pretty simple recipe for flaky pre baked pie crust. Problem 1: I didn't have unsalted butter. Okay, no problem, I like salt, I omitted the salt from the recipe and used salted butter. Then I started making the filling. Problem 2: We had about half … [Read more...]

Pumpkin and Tomatillo Twist Soup (and Mushroom Quesadillas)

The two elements to my soup: Green tomatillo sauce, and velvety textured pumpkin soup.I had big thoughts for my soup last night when I got home. The city was battling a windstorm and I decided that the way to combat that was to make a nice fall soup with all the great produce from sunday's ballard market. Luckily the power stayed on at my house, unfortunately B was driving home from Kenmore, where the lights were not on, and didn't make it in time to share this with me before I went to my soccer game.There were a lot of elements to the meal, so I'm going to list them seperately:Pumpkin Soup1 … [Read more...]