Bacon and Sour Cream Stuffed Potato Puffs

  The wheels in my head go round and round...round and round. The Taro Puffs on the dim sum cart go round and round...round and round. Using the recipe from Asian Dumplings, I became drunk on success  after my first attempt at Taro Puffs, those lacy, crisp bundles of soft starch that envelop pockets of pork, roaming about the dim sum world. What if...I thought. What if, I replaced taro with a more versatile starch, one that could be blank canvas for all my evil amazing plans. I tried to research if the lacy crunch that defines the taro puff would translate to a potato. Andrea … [Read more...]

Best Recipes for Fall Seasonal Cooking

Last week, Seattle sweated through an 80 degree day--not something we have to do often. Three days later, we looked out on grey horizons, at that point where the slate sky meets the silver waters, through a screen of incessant raindrops.  The rain was typical Seattle--not hard enough to get your shirt wet, but leaving puddles and clumps of fragrant leaves strewn about. It smelled like fall. The season was here and it had a woodsy aroma--smokey, yet fresh. Cuddled into a cowl neck sweater, my mind wandered to the wonders of fall foods. Like a kid picking pumpkins from a patch, I selected a few … [Read more...]

L’Shana Tovah and Happy Shakshouka Season

A glass of wine, thick, crunchy bread and a pot full of shakshouka is all a girl needs to get through fall. I hadn't timed my serving of this Israeli (breakfast) stew to match with the Jewish new year, the holiday of Rosh Hashannah, but perhaps it was all on my mind, so I'll embrace the timing as I tell you the story of this delectable stew. Shakshouka is a soul warming dish, a centerpiece to a table around which strangers or family can gather and dip their bread together. One of those dishes that can call people to dine with aroma alone, as it wafts from the kitchen. The weather was … [Read more...]

Snow Day Japanese Hot Pot

As six inches of snow piled up on the ground outside my house, I begged B to go for a walk to frolic in the fluffy white stuff with me. We wandered among city blocks, children and adults alike sledding in the streets while cars sat long abandoned. After getting involved in a snowball fight with some neighborhood children and making snow angels in the park with a few friendly puppies, we started to head home, stopping to buy hot chocolate at our local QFC.  And then there he was, a beautiful Lodge enamel coated Dutch oven, on sale for $30. I had been planning on getting one, though the … [Read more...]

Spaghetti from a Squash

 I had never prepared spaghetti squash, but I had been told to simply treat it as if it were pasta once I had roasted it. Problem one came here--I couldn't cut the raw squash! It was hard as a rock. I had to roast it nearly half an hour before I could get a knife through it. When I finally did, I roasted it for another 20 minutes. When it came out, I could scrape my fork along the inside and out it came, like a bundle of noodles.   Then, as I'd been told, I just treated it like carbonara, sauteeing my pieces of bacon with a red onion and then tossing it over the 'noodles' and adding … [Read more...]

Have you Heard? It’s Fall

I'm probably not the first one to tell you that autumn is here. You might have heard it from the rustling leaves as they blew by you on the street corner. Or perhaps that shiver in your spine as you reached for your sweater last week. The cheers of football fans, the smell of wood smoke in the air and the bright colors on the trees all have their own ways of letting us know that the season has changed. Me? I know what's up when I can grab butternut squash from my favorite vendor at the Pike Place Market and take it home to make a spicy soup to warm me up and fill my kitchen with seasonal … [Read more...]

How Easy is Tempura? It’s ThisEasy!

Tempura is something I recently saw posted on a message board full of people's "Things I don't make because it's too hard/I can get better at a restaurant". But really, Tempura is incredibly easy. I just made it last week while the (still ongoing) proliferation of squash existed in my house. There is still half a delicata and an entire sugar pie pumpkin, so it shall continue.My disclaimer on how easy this was is to add that I have no deep fryer nor have I ever deep fryed or battered anything before in my life.Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 cup of ice cold water, 1 cup of flour, a whole lot of oil, … [Read more...]

Gourd Tastic: Part 1–Delicata Fettucini

It's fall here in the northwest and my favorite season to boot. The fun of fall vegetables never fails, as you can see in the previously posted pumpkin soup recipe. I also created a butternut squash ravioli that I unfortuantely didn't manage to post about. But the fun never ends with gourds, as this weekend I ventured into new territory: Delicata squash and Pumpkin pie.I don't want to post the picture of the delicata fettucini I made because the picture does no justice to the tastiness of the meal itself. We came home from the pumkin patch starving and bearing a 2 large delicata squashes. The … [Read more...]