The Easiest Chicken Curry in the World

How easy? Really easy. I'm not calling it authentic, I'm not even sure to what country its authenticity could be attributed, but I do know it tasted damn good and I didn't have to do anything. How good? I had already gone to bed when B came home to eat this and he came upstairs to wake me up, midway through his meal, to let me know how good it was. I'm not even that big of a fan of chicken. It doesn't matter though, because when braised, as this chicken is, it has none of the dry, flavorlessness of chicken breasts, none of the overly greasy, fattiness of fried chicken wings, just meaty … [Read more...]

I say Devon, You Say Devon: The Final Chicago Post

The title, in its more readable form should say "I say Deh-vuhn, you say DEH-Vawn." While I did all of my research for the Chicago trip, like a good little foodie, one thing that I couldn't plan for was pronunciation. At Adam's party on the 4th I was explaining the plan and a girl extremely politely and very calmly pointed out to me that I had been pronouncing the tantalizing Indian area of town as Devon, like the name. Turns out it is known as Devon, as in kind of rhymes with teflon (take out the l). Properly prepared with proper pronunciation and a delicious breakfast of homemade Swedish … [Read more...]

A Thanksgiving Weekend Shopfest

You might think one would get sick of eating after the Thanksgiving holiday, but you would be wrong. At least when it comes to me! Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday (the foodie police will be coming to get me soon). I find the food not to my test, and I mean this not as a criticism to those who like it, but I simply don't like turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy or sweet potatoes. I am a little partial to stuffing. But the point is that on the Saturday after the holiday, I was off in search of greener pastures for my grazing. ┬áLucky for me the University District farmers market was open and … [Read more...]

Taste of India

You might think I ought to go to Taste of India all the time, as it is about a mile from my house, but when Anita's Bistro is across the street, it is easy to resist.However, I was in the mood for that little bit greasier taste of Indian I knew I could find at Taste of India. So off we went.Sitting down, we were starving and started with the Baba Ghanouj appetizer. I ordered some Roti to go with it since I wasn't interested in pita. It was a wise choice, as the pita appeared to be slightly moldy. It did not make sense to me why a place with such delicious and varied breads would serve pita … [Read more...]