Restaurants and Eating in Cabo San Lucas

I recently was offered the opportunity to go to Cabo San Lucas—you can read more about it at The Everywhereist. It was awesome, but I was not as wealthy as most of the people that vacation there. In fact, I probably brought less money to spend on myself than most people brought to spend on their dog over the course of their vacation. Luckily, if there is one thing I can do well in life, it is seek out the most delicious and affordable food anywhere. So I hit the ground running when I landed, starting with finding an affordable and delicious beverage. This is how I found Victor at the … [Read more...]

My own Mexican Renaissance: El Mestizo and Taqueria Latinos

I had Mexican food twice this week, without having to drive. Within the last few months, it would appear that there is a new food group moving into the neighborhood, and I for one am here to support it. We had actually been to El Mestizo once when it first opened. It's a brick and mortar store in what had been a pizza restaurant for many years, then briefly an Italian place. The taco truck, Taqueria Latinos II, I had not noticed until the minute we ate their food. El Mestizo has been open for a few months. When we went before we thought it had potential, but nothing terrific. After reading … [Read more...]

Dear Technology: Thanks for Taqueria Juquilita

The whole trip I had made fun of the GPS system, as it led us to longer routes or kept me from speaking up when I did know the way. Then it helped me in a way I never would have guessed: it led me to Taqueria Juquilita in Chehalis, Washington. We had been running the Hood to Coast race, 197 miles from the top of Mt. Hood to the shores of Seaside, and our little van of six people had subsisted on Cheese-It's, Nila Wafers and the occasional Subway stop. My idea to drop by Whiffies Fried Pies was shut down, and I didn't even bother pointing out that the napping station was right next door to … [Read more...]

The Meat and the Moose

It all added up to me having no desire to go there. I didn't need another "Mexican" breakfast that involved American style egg dishes dressed up in sombrero and sarapi, or their edible equivalents. Sometimes I hear so much about restaurants that I begin to resent them, to make assumptions about them and the people who like them, so much that they cease to have any draw for me. Señor Moose in Ballard was one of those places. For a time it seemed like everyone wanted to know, had I been there? Did I know how wonderful their Huevos Ahogados were? Why hadn't I been seen standing in the hour plus … [Read more...]

My Tamales: Tiny and Pork Cheek Filled

My tamales have always had a bit of an inferiority complex, small in stature and slightly misshapen. What they lack in size they make up for with their tiny hourglass shape, stained glass jalapenos and beauty of flavor. When I first learned to make tamales I tried to make the big, traditional ones, I tried to make the creamy banana leaf wrapped ones, and yet the tamales that made me most enjoy both the process of making them (and trust me, if you're going to make them, you want to love it) were these little squirts. A mix between the Southern U.S. style shape and the Mexican style flavors and … [Read more...]

Barrio at Brunchtime

When Barrio invited me to come to lunch with B, for free, I paused and then wrote them a quick letter saying I would go but I wouldn't guarantee anything written and if I did I didn't promise to be nice, etc, etc. Then I went to brunch. I kind of hoped it would be bad and I could brush off the whole experience and never think about it again. But it wasn't. It was quite good and fit a very specific niche that B and I need in our lunch world. We walked in the heavy doors at about 9:59 for a 10am reservation (B had biking to do). "We don't open until 10" a hostess told us, rather bluntly. I … [Read more...]

Hunger Challenge Day 4: Risk Taking

The first thing I noticed in shopping for this challenge was that I took less risk in shopping. Normally I pull anything of the shelf and figure out what to do with it later. With the limited amount of money, I was more careful. I'm not really sure why, as I've never run into an issue with experimentation, but it was a reaction to the challenge. Yet as I prepared my dinner for Thursday (I did so Wednesday evening) I took a risk and made a new dish. Knowing that I had a soccer game at 7pm on Thursday, I prepared dinner Wednesday night. With a fridge full of leftover roasted chicken and a ton … [Read more...]

Where to eat in Lake Chelan

My answer? Don't. I'm not saying to starve yourself, by anymeans. I'm saying, if you are staying in town, you want to grill. Armed only with olive oil, salt, pepper and some rosemary I grabbed from the side of the road, I prepared an amazing meal on the grills. A flank steak, grilled medium rare, a mound of asparagus, a pile of potatoes. I shouldn't have spoiled myself, because all the meals we went out to in the town of Chelan had no prayer of living up to that standard. Luckily outside of the town of Chelan, there are some tastier options. This is Cisco's, which is in Entiat. It's about … [Read more...]

Un Chivo Delicioso: Goat Chilaquiles–kind of

I should have taken pictures, but my camera was out of battery, and really, there was no good angle. My goat chilaquile casserole, as I've decided to call it, looked like any baked cheese lasagna type thing from first glance. I could have taken a picture after I sliced it, but it looked as good as it tasted--like a goopy messy, drippy delicious pile of everything wonderful. Unfortunately, these things don't translate well to photography. They look good to anyone in the vicinity, but I wouldn't enter it in an art contest. There was melty baked cheese everywhere, thick homemade tortillas bathing … [Read more...]

Seahawks and Salsa: El Tajin on Broadway: (11/13/07)–Update: Closed

All I asked for was decent food and a TV to watch the Seahawks play some Monday Night Football. By decent food I meant anything besides pub grub. Usually my go to method here is the ID, but after 45 minutes of driving around looking for parking (No diehard seattlite would pay for parking), I hightailed it to Broadway, where I found myself in the bar half of the brand new El Tajin Mexican restaurant. I won't declare Mexican food saved in Seattle, but let me tell you, this place is getting it on that track. This is not La Carta de Oaxaca high falutin' small plates, this is some truck stop … [Read more...]