La Consupo: Barbacoa y Mas

The lack of "good" Mexican food in Seattle has long been lamented, but today I present to you evidence slightly in the contrary. My most vivid memory of food from my stay in Mexico was not the homemage guacamole by the Senora of the house (though that was mouth wateringly smooth and delicious), nor was it sneaking pieces of the freshly made cheese or perfectly spiced 'al pastor' meat in to my mouth while working the line at Abuelita's Pizzeria. No, it is of a Sunday morning, when we all piled in to the car and took a drive in to the mountains for a brunch of barbacoa.La Consupo, on Greenwood, … [Read more...]

Mr. Villa’s

On Lake City way, just a few blocks from my house is Mr. Villas. It is shabby from the outside, but by the time I woke the BF up at 1pm on saturday, I just wanted food, and Mexican sounded great. It was a little crowded, so service was slow until a second waitress showed up. However, they kept us well supplied with their delicious house made tortilla chips and salsas. In fact, by the time my food came, I didn't even want it that much. Which may have been a good thing. My fajita meat (Fajitas de res) was like rubber, the sauce unflavorful. The sopes were good, but nothing exceptional. I would … [Read more...]

La Carta de Oaxaca

Oooh, I waited along time to try this place. After repeated attempts to eat here botched by the rumbling of my tummy after hearing that it was a one hour wait, I dragged my parents out here for my Dad's birthday on a monday night. It was still a ten minute wait, but at least this time I could enjoy a margarita at the bar while I waited.All the plates are fairly small, so we ordered about half the menu and dug in. Started with chips and guacamole. The chips were great, but the guac was not as good as I hoped. It was creamier than I am used to, no big chunks of deliciousness. The salsas from the … [Read more...]