Taste of India

You might think I ought to go to Taste of India all the time, as it is about a mile from my house, but when Anita's Bistro is across the street, it is easy to resist.However, I was in the mood for that little bit greasier taste of Indian I knew I could find at Taste of India. So off we went.Sitting down, we were starving and started with the Baba Ghanouj appetizer. I ordered some Roti to go with it since I wasn't interested in pita. It was a wise choice, as the pita appeared to be slightly moldy. It did not make sense to me why a place with such delicious and varied breads would serve pita … [Read more...]


I remember as a child, we used to go for Ethiopian food a fair amount. Mostly this sticks in my head because it was the only time we were not yelled at for eating with our fingers (which I'm pretty sure we did, regardless of cuisine). So when my roommate demanded I try this Eritrean place, I embraced the opportunity to use the one utensil that makes all food taste better--the hands.Despite being hidden behind the Oh Boy Oberto factory store on Ranier, we found the little hideaway fairly easily and were seated immediatley in the small room. A full bar was stocked behind us and the TV was … [Read more...]

Mr. Villa’s

On Lake City way, just a few blocks from my house is Mr. Villas. It is shabby from the outside, but by the time I woke the BF up at 1pm on saturday, I just wanted food, and Mexican sounded great. It was a little crowded, so service was slow until a second waitress showed up. However, they kept us well supplied with their delicious house made tortilla chips and salsas. In fact, by the time my food came, I didn't even want it that much. Which may have been a good thing. My fajita meat (Fajitas de res) was like rubber, the sauce unflavorful. The sopes were good, but nothing exceptional. I would … [Read more...]

La Carta de Oaxaca

Oooh, I waited along time to try this place. After repeated attempts to eat here botched by the rumbling of my tummy after hearing that it was a one hour wait, I dragged my parents out here for my Dad's birthday on a monday night. It was still a ten minute wait, but at least this time I could enjoy a margarita at the bar while I waited.All the plates are fairly small, so we ordered about half the menu and dug in. Started with chips and guacamole. The chips were great, but the guac was not as good as I hoped. It was creamier than I am used to, no big chunks of deliciousness. The salsas from the … [Read more...]

Thai-ger Room

Holy hell, its been a while since I posted! Ski season (aka hibernation) has in fact set in. In the meantime I have moved into a new house and got a new car (courtesy of the lady in the giant SUV who slammed into me). So all is good now. Last night the man was craving a little bit of Thai, and, inexplicably to this girl who grew up frequenting Siam on Broadway, Thai-ger room is what he likes.To me, Thai food means a big table full of various dishes all passed around family style. At Thai-ger Room, I'm limited to my one dish. Well that clearly wasn't going to work. I admit that it is nice that … [Read more...]