Kombucha: A Love Story

Certainly, I did not fall in love with kombucha because it is cute and cuddly. Mention of the fermented tea often garners the same looks as when I tell people about the time I ate uncleaned pig intestine in Laos. Commercial kombucha can often be sour or spicy; it often has too much bite. The flavored versions are unappealing and sometimes seems as if they’re trying to cover something up. So it’s amazing that I ever found out that homemade kombucha was my McDreamy of beverages. “Would you like a scoby?” sounds like something a teenager would ask his buddy under the bleachers, but in fact, … [Read more...]

Ten Things I Was Scolded for While Making Pierogi

Originally posted on Food Riot, which has since shut down. There wasn’t much ceremony to volunteering to make pierogi at Seattle’s Polish Home Association for their upcoming bazaar. Everyone else spoke Polish and was there out of love for their community. My friends and I, none of us Polish by anything other than remote heritage, were there out of a different kind of love: that of dumplings. I’m not saying I can’t be altruistic at times, but I’ll be honest: I volunteered because I wanted to watch these Eastern European dumpling masters and learn their trade secrets. I just had no idea what … [Read more...]

The Time I Went to Adult Summer Camp

I'm going to deviate just a touch from the topic of eating food for a second...but there's still food preparation involved. Lady Camp was one of the most inspiring things I've done in a long time. I travel across oceans all the time, but here, just 45 minutes from my house, I met people from the foreign lands that we call "across the mountains" with strange religions (I believe they're called "republicans"). They were tall and short, old as my grandmother, and young enough that I had to use the phrase "back in my day," more than once. The common thread? They were as enthusiastic as I am … [Read more...]

10 Tricks to Make the Lazy Cook’s Food Taste Better

I never clean up as I go. Rumor has it, that's what the cool kids do. That's what the organized, methodical, by the book cooks do. The people who clean as they go probably also set up their mise en place and follow recipes too. All things which I'd love to be the type of person who does. But I'm not. I'm me. Being me means that I'm a bit of a hurricane, whooshing into the kitchen, chopping, stirring, mixing, cooking, racing against the imaginary clock of getting one thing done before the heat on the stove demands the next step. I took a knife skills class once and I learned a lot. I've … [Read more...]

What’s in your Olive Oil?

Recently the California Olive Ranch invited a few bloggers, myself included, to join them for an evening of tasting olive oils, eating delicious food, and learning about 'the future of the olive oil industry.' I am under no obligation to write, but this stuff was fascinating, so I want to share it--and the olive oil--with you, so read to the bottom. You can win some tasty olive oil and maybe learn something.     I often refer to myself as the #FoodNerd on twitter. That the phrase 'learn about the future of the olive oil industry' was so ridiculously exciting to me … [Read more...]

5 Things That Dreaming of Being a Food Writer Got Me

Half a decade ago, I wanted to be a food writer. A local food writer I admired gave me the advice to start a blog. This blog has improved my life in more ways than I could ever count. I'd love to break bread with all of you and tell you the reasons, but I'll share a few here for now. One recent morning the food world was abuzz about Amanda Hesser's article Advice for Future Food Writers. In reading it, I was disappointed in some of it. In the way it dashes dreams. Little kids hope to be firemen and astronauts, recent college grads, hungry and broke, dream of being food writers. Yet, she … [Read more...]

Little Nibbles: Eating for a Good Cause, Causes of Good Eating

I love Seattle. My pride in the our culture, our food, and our events is unending and maybe a little annoying to people who don't share it. That's their problem, though, and this is my blog, so I'm sharing with you Seattle's most savory selection of news, events, and all things food-lover friendly. Gospel Brunch I was having so much fun pretending to be a photographer at Where Ya at Matt's gospel brunch I didn't even get to try the jambalaya croquettes pictured here. Luckily the rest of the food was delicious and I learned a lot from my first time photographing an event like this. See all … [Read more...]

Donate, Win, Eat, Travel: Passports with a Purpose

I'm back from Mexico with fresh cooking tips from an Abuela (grandma), a passion for pambazos (think tortas, but soaked in chile, then fried) and a few imbibe-able souvenirs. Before I start in on my posts about those, I wanted to give you the opportunity to win a little travel adventure of your own. As self-indulgent as this lovely blog is, I couldn't help but jump at the opportunity to help out by participating in Passports with a Purpose, to help raise money to build libraries in Zambia. "Zambia? Books? That doesn't sound like food?" You might be saying. And you'd be right, but only … [Read more...]

Who will be the Seattle Weekly’s new critic?

With the upcoming departure of Jason Sheehan from the Seattle Weekly, there comes one of the few openings in the area for a full time, dedicated food writer. Specifically, a restaurant writer. This excites me. Despite the fact that I made it no secret that his writing was not my favorite, it is not his departure in itself that makes me happy--in fact, it sounds like the circumstances surrounding it are sad, and I am not one to take joy in that. Rather, I am excited because I love to read about food. I love the long form review as an opportunity to learn more about a restaurant, why its food … [Read more...]

‘Foster’-ing Community

I was recently invited to enjoy a dinner courtesy of Foster Farms, a chicken company. I am not much of a chicken eater. When I was sent the information before the event, including the history of the farm it came from and the farmer, I was reminded of this skit from Portlandia: I was apprehensive of the dinner beforehand, as I am of most any sponsored meal. The idea was to promote how local they are, but as a friend pointed out, McDonald's also has a campaign about being local. Still, I arrived at the dinner with an open mind, ready to have my mind blown by chicken--whatever that … [Read more...]