Save the Cheese! Help Estrella Family Creamery

There are very few brands I am passionate enough about to devote a blog post to, and even fewer that, upon receiving an email about saving, I will hop out of bed and compose a blog post about at 6:45 in the morning. The cheese from Estrella Family, however, does inspire such things. Estrella Family Creamery makes my favorite cheese(s) in the world. As many of you know, the FDA is working hard to shut Estrella Family Creamery down and they have been unable to sell their cheese for quite some time. This is tragic, not only because I have to live without the incomparable Caldwell Crik Chevrette, … [Read more...]

Carlos eats the Quadstrocity

Last night I met Carlos. He was a very cool guy and had recently (six hours prior) completed a task both ridiculous and amazing. --Side note: Guys, this is gross. Grandma, stop reading. I'll get you a nice post on a Guatemalan restaurant soon-- He ate a doubled up double down. What is that? You may have read about the Double Down--a sandwich where the bread is replaced by fried chicken, enveloping bacon and cheese. So Carlos, my new buddy over here put two together, called it the Quadstrocity and ate it. Isn't the buzz about this stupid sandwich over? You might wonder. Probably. So why am I … [Read more...]

Like Comparing Apples, and, well, Apples

I have always thought I didn't like apples. They'd be the last thing on a table I'd eat. If I were hungry and there were only apples, I'd wait. Not that I thought they were gross, I just didn't like them. Today, that changed. I liked an apple. It was juicy, but without being messy and drippy like a peach. It was crunchy, but not so hard that it hurt my gums to bite into. There was no evidence of that awkward mealiness when an apple is on the verge of going bad. "So what," I hear you say. "Its a freakin' apple. People have liked apples for hundreds (thousands? I'm not up on my apple history) … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Salt

I don't think I'd do half the culinary experiments I do if B wasn't all together so damn supportive. And by supportive, I mean that he has the same ridiculous ideas I do, but knows that he can convince me to do them so he doesn't have to. Which would be how we found ourselves on the shores of Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula with two growlers full of salt water. We had been watching Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie, a fantastic show, which you can watch online at the Gourmet website. It was all about sea salt and Sichuan peppercorns. Holy food porn up my alley, Batman, ya know? I was drooling. … [Read more...]

The Death of a Pig: Warning–Graphic Pictures

I said it in the title, and I'll say it again, because I know there are vegetarians who read this blog and I don't want to be responsible for them seeing things that they don't want to see. If you eat meat and you don't want to see this, I'll be honest with you, you are a hypocrite. You eat the meat from these animals, you should know what they go through to become your food.  Helen was the name of the pig we were killing yesterday. She seemed sweet, but they had fed her a fair amount of alcohol before we sent her on her way, and don't most girls seem sweeter with some booze in them?   … [Read more...]

Olympic Eating

If there's one thing I love as much as food, it's the Olympics. I can't explain it, I'm obsessed. My tivo is filled to bursting with running, jumping, swimming and uhhh...trampolining? I love the Olympics as much as I love Chinese food, which is to say...well, alot. As annoyed as I am by NBC's tape delay of everything--their primetime shows are mostly broadcasts of the previous days event and I already know the winner, I really do enjoy watching Bob Costas organize everything. Weird, right? So last week, Mary Carillo, his correspondent for all things China does a segment on eating in … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Eating Locally

Eating local is something that is on the tip of everyone's tongue these days--you've heard it--look at labels, shop at farmers' markets, etc, etc. I agree, I would rather have my food come from nearby than shipped halfway across the country where it had to be picked before ripening so it could hold up to the shipping process. I do shop at farmers' markets, a fair amount, though mostly for the cheap stuff, since I can't often afford $14/lb lamb and the such. Where my issue with this is comes from who I'm supporting. I love the idea of supporting my local farmers' over the huge coporate … [Read more...]