Hunger Action Challenge Day 5: Aloo Gobi and Wine

Yes, I realize food stamps do not pay for wine. That's why this is a simulation. With $7.71 cents left in our challenge, B and I went to Trader Joe's for a bottle of wine. Picking out a bottle of $3.99 Carminere, I started to the check out counter. B dragged me over for a second bottle, A Charles Shaw Merlot for $2.99. Yup, Two Buck Chuck. Ugh, B! "But we have the money, right?" he asked. We do. We did. We bought the two bottles and headed home for dinner. After another breakfast of lentils and the leftover casserole for lunch (with olives, grapes and a banana), I was ready for something fun … [Read more...]

Hunger Challenge Day 4: Risk Taking

The first thing I noticed in shopping for this challenge was that I took less risk in shopping. Normally I pull anything of the shelf and figure out what to do with it later. With the limited amount of money, I was more careful. I'm not really sure why, as I've never run into an issue with experimentation, but it was a reaction to the challenge. Yet as I prepared my dinner for Thursday (I did so Wednesday evening) I took a risk and made a new dish. Knowing that I had a soccer game at 7pm on Thursday, I prepared dinner Wednesday night. With a fridge full of leftover roasted chicken and a ton … [Read more...]

Hunger Challenge Day 3

When we woke up this morning, in addition to making our usual lentils for breakfast, I had another thing to prepare--our Holy Sh*t Pork Cheeks for tonight! When you're on a budget and buying cheap cuts of meat and plan to come home hungry, the slow cooker is a girl's best friend. It turned out to be a nasty rainy day and I was coming down with some sort of illness, so sitting at work all day remembering the deliciousness boiling away at home made me very happy. Lunch was another Chicken Bahn Mi--I was going to branch out and use the leftover steak, but B liked these so much, and I figured we … [Read more...]

Day 2 of the Hunger Action Challenge: Impulse Shopping

Worst Budget Shopper EVER: I bought rib-eye steaks. Okay, I'll be honest, they weren't that expensive and I didn't go over my budget, but it just felt ridiculous. Also I'd been sent to the store for tofu. And came home with steak. I might be the only girl whose boyfriend would complain in this situation "but I'd been looking forward to a nice meal of tofu and vegetables!" I'm dating freaking Vince the vegetarian here! With a day like today's in Seattle, there was no question that we wanted to bust out the grill, so I was off to the store for tofu. I took a little wander by the meat … [Read more...]

Hunger Action Challenge Day 1: Delicious, Can we do it again?

My first day on the $12 a day budget thing went pretty well, despite a few snafus. Last night, I came home and made mayonnaise, but I wasn't feeling very well, and wasn't paying attention, and so this task, something I'd done a million times before, I sort of screwed up. Definitely still usable, just a little runnier than my usual mayo. It will be showing up all over the place. My illness continued into today, so my appetite wasn't really up, so I'm going to tell you what B ate as his share. This morning I woke up and made my favorite lentil recipe, a quadruple batch, which might have been … [Read more...]

Hunger Action Week

With all the awesome free stuff, opportunites and great things I've gotten from writing this blog, when have I ever done anything to give back with it? Erm, uhhh, well, never. So when an email landed in my in box asking me to participate in United Way of King County's Hunger Action Week, I thought about it. Excuses flowed to my head: Well, I have events to attend, I have reviews to do, I get free food at work. And then I checked my calender: Nothing for those 5 days. And then I checked my reality: By spending the limited amount on all our meals, I would probably still save money. And I could … [Read more...]