Free Tickets to Seattle Food and Wine Experience and a rant

UPDATE: Thanks for playing! Sean has won the tickets. I hope you all make it to the event regardless, you'll have a great time! As I have done once before, I must again combat the evil things on the internet with wonderful things. So in response to being criticized for taking free stuff, I am giving away a pair free tickets to the Seattle Food and Wine Experience. I get offered a ton of free stuff in the course of writing this blog. They fall into three main categories: free tangible things (such as cookbooks, products etc.), free meals or event tickets that come from the restaurant or … [Read more...]

The Top Six Dishes I ate in Seattle this year

I'll be honest, this started out as a top 5 list, but I had six dishes that truly stood out in my mind that I ate this year. I eat out a decent amount and I don't always write about them--especially if the rest of the meal was distinctly underwhelming, as was the case in at least one of them. I like just picking a dish because I'm not judging the whole restaurant experience (another of these dishes was served with a side of horrifically bad service), nor am I needing to make extensive commentary. The only point of this is to give props to the creativity and skills of the chefs and restaurants … [Read more...]

Food as Memories, Photos as Tokens

When my camera was stolen from my bag in Northern Peru, I remember consoling myself that I was a writer and that if I were worth my salt, I would be capable of describing scenes as well as if I had taken pictures. When I started food blogging, this came to the forefront as I dimly clicked away, armed with a C minus in high school photography and a camera I bought more for the relationship between its waterproofness and my klutziness than for the quality of the pictures. I began to write a food blog because of its perfect location at the intersection of culinary pleasure and the art of sharing … [Read more...]

Ben is on Jeopardy Tonight

As most of you already know, my little brother is, well, suffice it to say, ridiculous. You probably already watched little Ben Bishop answer (ask?) his way to $116k back in December. Now he's back, on the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions. And I'm there, in the audience! Remember this when I was in Vegas? Well, there I was, cheering Ben on as he continued to amaze the audience and, really, his own family. So calling all you Ben fans out there, be sure to turn on your TV tonight and cheer him along! … [Read more...]

My 200th Post

I want to take this moment to comment on the origins of the name "The GastroGnome." Having gone by the nickname "Gnomey" most of my life, it seemed only appropriate to combine it with the word "Gastronome," even if my knowledge of what exactly that meant was a little fuzzy. Well, last night I was at an event that made me think. What is gastronomy? Literally, it is the word or law of food, from its etymology. Answers that I loved were "The art of eating" and "The act of writing about food" To me, those phrases embodied what I do as The GastroGnome. I (Gnomey) practice the art of eating with … [Read more...]

Like Comparing Apples, and, well, Apples

I have always thought I didn't like apples. They'd be the last thing on a table I'd eat. If I were hungry and there were only apples, I'd wait. Not that I thought they were gross, I just didn't like them. Today, that changed. I liked an apple. It was juicy, but without being messy and drippy like a peach. It was crunchy, but not so hard that it hurt my gums to bite into. There was no evidence of that awkward mealiness when an apple is on the verge of going bad. "So what," I hear you say. "Its a freakin' apple. People have liked apples for hundreds (thousands? I'm not up on my apple history) … [Read more...]

My Little Bro’s a Jeopardy Rock Star!

Okay, I was going to try to food relate this in some way, but unfortunately I'll be at pub trivia (it runs in the family) tonight and will have to watch the Tivo version and won't be able to put up a post, but my little brother is on Jeopardy again tonight! His name is Ben Bishop, so look for him and root for him because he is awesome! Last night he was on and won $25,000 so he is back for a second try tonight. … [Read more...]

Good Bye My Newly Changed America

Straight to the point, dear blog readers, I'm skipping town and while I'm sure they've got internet in Northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, I've got little to no intention of wasting my precious moments in a foreign land updating you all on my progress. Not that I don't love you very much, you'll just have to wait till I return for much treasured Southeast Asian food porn and delectable tidbits about my going all kinds of Bourdain on the street markets. … [Read more...]

Great Finds at Goodwill

For people looking to outfit a kitchen on the cheap or lovers of vintage cookbooks (yes, I'm in both those categories), Goodwill offers the opportunity to look for needles in the haystack of crap. For every 10 shelves full of "How to cook low-fat meals for in the microwave" there is one little book on the shelf that is everything you have ever wanted in a cookbook. Yesterday, aside from a pizza wheel, a bamboo picnic mat and an amazing tapas tray, I found some great books, the best of which is from 1977 and called "Dining in Seattle" "Dining in Seattle" is a collection of recipes from the … [Read more...]

What did I do today?

Besides watch a goat pee? Find out right soon as I write it up. … [Read more...]