Longans and Cocktails

Two separate thoughts drove tonight's cocktail creation session. The first was "Damn, these longans are delicious," the other, in a total non-sequitur, was "I should have more cocktails on this blog." The cocktail thought has been coming for a while. Drinking and eating go hand in hand and when I'm doing one, I'm often doing the other, so a blog about what I eat has seemed incomplete without also discussing what I drink. As I've thought more about what I'm drinking, I've spent more time creating cocktails. The longans, a small southeast Asian fruit somewhat similar to a lychee, came to … [Read more...]

Gin Class: Learning to love a new spirit, and a contest

"No" B said definitely on the phone when I asked if he wanted to attend a free gin class with me that night. I was taken aback by this sudden change of heart--usually he can be bribed anywhere with the thought of free booze. I had emailed him, but when he called I thought I'd bring it up. The phone rang again, seconds later after he had seen the email: "GIN class? I thought you said GYM class," I sighed in relief that my boyfriend had not been kidnapped by alcohol hating aliens. If you are a gin lover, you can stop reading right now. As I understand it, gin aficionados don't like … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat: Where to Eat

Can't think. Must type blog deliriously in heat. Must babble top 5 things to eat (and how to eat them) in Seattle during ridiculous heat invasion! 1) Sichuan Boiled Fish from Sichuanese Cuisine (or anywhere else that serves this awesome dish: 7 Stars, Chiang's, many more). Hot, spicy peppers, soft flaky fish, this dish is delicious anytime of the year, but in the hot weather it feels especially good to sweat out the heat--it is your body's natural cooling system anyways. Sichuanese Cuisine on Superpages.com 2) Ezell's Fried Chicken because nothing says a picnic on the beach like fried … [Read more...]

A Few Upcoming and Kind of Awesome Events

I don't normally devote much space to events, despite the constant influx of emails telling me about them, mostly because I don't believe in promoting events that I wouldn't myself attend or be attending. And then sometimes I am scared they'll sell out before I get my ticket. But there does seem to be quite a few things coming up that I'm excited about, so I wanted to give my readers a heads up, two of which I'll be at and one of which I'm sad to say, I'll miss out on by being out of town. First off is this Sunday's Oyster Roast for the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. They had me when they … [Read more...]

The St. Germain Cocktail Crawl

So it is very hard to write about a cocktail crawl because by the time you feel energized to write, you may have forgotten much of what went on. Compound that with still having ADS (after-drinking-stupids) and you might accidentally delete the post instead of posting it. So if this comes out less inspired and more insipid this time, I apologize. A cocktail crawl--what a brilliant idea! I used to work in restaurant marketing so I appreciate the concept from all sides. As you see desperate restaurants cling to the recession economy for their final dollars, throwing out brunches and happy … [Read more...]

New York Part 2: Celebrity Worship brings me to Hagi

Anthony Bourdain, as many people know, is kind of a hero to me. And by kind of, I mostly mean I am endlessly envious of his job. Eating my way around the world is, unfortunately, something I must do¬†on my own dime. He on the other hand gets to do it for free. Luckily each week I get to watch and live vicariously by watching him on television. When in New York, he went to an underground sake bar. Seeing as B and I love sake and this sounded cool, we decided to check it out and see if Tony (that's right, we are on a first name basis) really was eating as well as he made us believe. Hagi Sake Bar … [Read more...]