Little Nibbles: Chef Nordo, Mushroom Hunting and Pie. Plus Pie.

A quick round up of all things delicious, in my kitchen, in my city and around the world… Cafe Nordo Returns Savor Tomorrow is the latest dinner theater production by the folks behind Chef Nordo. They've abandoned the current time zone and boarded a plane in 1962, heading for Seattle for the World's Fair. In keeping with the Mad Men/Pan-Am trend in cocktails today, we were served a variety of delightful cocktails and 1962's 'futuristic' food. The show is interesting and as the plot unfolds the subtle digs at the food industry get better. There's nothing about theater that I don't find … [Read more...]

Why Bad Food Can Be Good For You

To eat truly terrible food every once in a great while can actually be a blessing in disguise. As I unloaded my treats and treasures carried from New Orleans this weekend into my fridge last night, I gave thanks for all the great food I eat. I very rarely eat really awful food anymore. I'm not talking McDonald's French fries, to which I'm morally opposed, and which are terrible for you, but let's be honest folks, taste amazing. I'm talking food that tastes, looks and if we're on such levels, acts in such a way that you expect it to come from a child's diaper. People eat bad food for … [Read more...]

Has it really been almost 24 hrs. since I posted on sushi?: (5/9/07)

I'm an honest person, thus I am embracing (Freudian Slip: I actually wrote embarrassing) my love of raw fish. I was recently tipped off regarding a Korean dish called Hwe Dup Bop. I was told it was essentially a chirashi bowl with raw egg on top. So today I moseyed on down to the new King's Teriyaki at the corner of Broadway and Denny and ordered a #31 (I didn't dare try to pronounce that). Because I ordered to-go, I am not sure how this would have looked if I had gotten it in the appropriate flatware, but I took it back to my office and unwrapped my bundle like an excited kid on Christmas … [Read more...]

Szechuan Bistro

First I think I should admit to having ate their food twice in two days. Now I can continue.We stopped in here because we wanted something hot and spicy due to the illness contracted by the ol' bf. It advertised hot and spicy, and that wasn't really what we got. The service was quick at first (probably because we went in at 5pm) but slowed down as the phone started to ring and people came in. Most people took the food to go, which is unfortunate because I had a sizzling plate of noodles and the best part was definetly the sizzled bottom! Brett had the mongolian beef which was good, though … [Read more...]