Homemade Cheese and Gnudi

Last week, while waiting for my duck to cure (yes, it is like watching a pot boil), I made cheese. I made a whole milk cheese, using organic milk and breaking it with lemon juice (slowly bring milk to a rolling boil, add lemon juice, strain with cheesecloth) and a goat cheese. The goat cheese was far tastier. I broke that with rice vinegar (because the only vinegars I had were that and balsamic), to add a sweetness to the goat-y stink, but the sweetness wasn't really present. The goat cheese was delightfully light and faintly goatish, and was perfect for spreading on toast or baguettes. The … [Read more...]

New York Part 2: Celebrity Worship brings me to Hagi

Anthony Bourdain, as many people know, is kind of a hero to me. And by kind of, I mostly mean I am endlessly envious of his job. Eating my way around the world is, unfortunately, something I must do on my own dime. He on the other hand gets to do it for free. Luckily each week I get to watch and live vicariously by watching him on television. When in New York, he went to an underground sake bar. Seeing as B and I love sake and this sounded cool, we decided to check it out and see if Tony (that's right, we are on a first name basis) really was eating as well as he made us believe. Hagi Sake Bar … [Read more...]

Un Chivo Delicioso: Goat Chilaquiles–kind of

I should have taken pictures, but my camera was out of battery, and really, there was no good angle. My goat chilaquile casserole, as I've decided to call it, looked like any baked cheese lasagna type thing from first glance. I could have taken a picture after I sliced it, but it looked as good as it tasted--like a goopy messy, drippy delicious pile of everything wonderful. Unfortunately, these things don't translate well to photography. They look good to anyone in the vicinity, but I wouldn't enter it in an art contest. There was melty baked cheese everywhere, thick homemade tortillas bathing … [Read more...]

Seahawks and Salsa: El Tajin on Broadway: (11/13/07)–Update: Closed

All I asked for was decent food and a TV to watch the Seahawks play some Monday Night Football. By decent food I meant anything besides pub grub. Usually my go to method here is the ID, but after 45 minutes of driving around looking for parking (No diehard seattlite would pay for parking), I hightailed it to Broadway, where I found myself in the bar half of the brand new El Tajin Mexican restaurant. I won't declare Mexican food saved in Seattle, but let me tell you, this place is getting it on that track. This is not La Carta de Oaxaca high falutin' small plates, this is some truck stop … [Read more...]

Enotria (10/2/07) Update: Closed

When the Union Bay Cafe shut its doors this summer, Laurelhurst lost a gem of a neighborhood restaurant. Having grown up in the neighborhood, I have celebrated many a birthday there, and was bummed to see it go. It was replaced by Enotria, an Italian restaurant run by a man named David Hahne, a recent import from Minneapolis. Lucky for Laurelhurst residents, he can keep the tradition of celebrating here alive--the table next to us was celebrating a 16th birthday of a son. Does it make me jaded that my thought was 'crap! another teenage boy can legally get on the roads?' Luckily my mind was … [Read more...]

Does it Live up to the Hype?

Harvest Vine is the name on the tip of every foodie's tongue in Seattle. I had heard the name over and over as the best place in town, but I had never been there. Not even since B's best friend has been a cook there for the last 4 months (that is four months too long, my friend). So finally we went. I know my experience was not the same as everyone else's, as we sat in front of Kim so that he could sneak us as many dishes as possible. The food was great. I wasn't jumping out of my seat or squirming with excitement, but I think some of that was because I was expecting such a great meal. I … [Read more...]

ViengThong: Wow, its actually Thai…

"Wow, it's actually Thai" was the recurring theme of our dinner last night. We headed out to ViengThong, on MLK Jr Way, just past the Loews. And by we, I include my brother, who spent three weeks at Muay Thai training camp in Thailand, and his friend who lived there for a time. These boys snottily laugh at the Thai food we eat here in Seattle, comparing it to the delicious stuff they got in their time living on the beach there. As I reminded my brother, I think he has told me about the sticky rice like fifty times. They opened the menu and seemed pleased at the options. The waitress giggled … [Read more...]

A Nice New Year’s Eve Surprise

Sometimes the right meal just comes to you. As we jumped out of a friend's car on New Year's eve, planning for sushi at Ototo (a very good neighborhood place) an empty restaurant caught our eye. Opal has been open for a little over a year now, and had a few rave reviews and some mediocre ones, but sounded far fancier and more celebratory than a sushi joint we frequented. In we went, seated right away. Champagne was on special, so we ordered that up right away. Service was impeccable, which was not lost on our table full of long time restaurant employees. We started with the cheese plate, which … [Read more...]

Jerks and Mozzies

No they aren't rival gangs, Jerks and Mozzies is what B asks for when he wants to go watch football at Wingmasters. In an effort to save some money and spend more time at home, I told him that I would make him Jerks and Mozzies while he watched football. Unfortunately it was an exciting game, and as such I neglected to write down what I put in to the dishes. Luckily I took a picture of the ridiculous mise en place I had for the jerk sauce, so I hope I can tell you approzimately what I put in there. Starting with the bowl in the center, which is one bunch of scallions. The red in the one … [Read more...]

The Ethiopian Feast Part 2: Eat your Veggies

To go along with our meaty parts of the Ethiopian feast I made two veggie dishes, both of which I have seen on most every Ethiopian menu. The first was a simple salad with a very flavorful dressing. For this, I simply chopped romaine lettuce, white onions, half a jalapeno and a roma tomato and tossed them in a dressing. The dressing was the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic (I said very flavorful!) with salt and pepper. The greens were a little more complicated. I was hoping to do mustard greens, but the Greenwood Market seemed to not have those, so I chose … [Read more...]