Anchovies & Olives

I really like Anchovies and Olives. Both the two individual foods and the restaurant. Seriously, anchovies and olives are two of my favorite things and I think that helped in my decision to really like the restaurant. There is something basic, plain and inviting about the completely bare walls and barely screened over industrial ceiling. The kitchen is open, with low counters, leaving the whole thing completely exposed, much like the food. What do I mean by exposed food? It is served, plain and simple, just as it is described on the menu. Order the scallop under 'crudo' (grapefruit, … [Read more...]

Fun With Food

It's been a bit since I've posted--I've been busy (I got a new job--though I haven't started yet). I don't mean to leave my blog like this, and I promise to be back soon with more. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still around, still cooking. Some tidbits to tide you over: The duck prosciutto came out of hibernation yesterday and is terrific--I had definitely over salted the first version I made, this one was a huge improvement. I've been using the duck stock to flavor our vegetables and just about anything else that I can. In researching my article for the Winter issue of Beer NW … [Read more...]

Losing the Advantage at Duk Li Dim Sum

The advantage of not using carts at dim sum, as I've mentioned in some of my Vancouver dim sum posts, is that when you order, dishes can be steamed or fried to order. So when I heard that Duk Li, a new dim sum place in the ID was using the checklist order form, I was psyched. I had actually set out to try Szechuan Noodle Bowl, but that is closed on monday, and this was right down the street. Unfortunately for me, while Duk Li has you order off the sheet, everything is premade and precooked. I ordered a good variety of stuff. The pork and egg congee  was definetly old, missing the glutinous … [Read more...]

Restaurant Review 360: Jasmine and The first SFBA

Two very exciting and cool events coming up here on the blog. First off, I'm hosting the May Restaurant Review 360 event. First hosted last month on Herbivoracious, this means that a whole slew of us Seattle area food bloggers all review the same restaurant, then I'll round them up and post an overview of the reviews. I'm very excited to take on the event, and have chosen Jasmine Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant. It is relatively new and has recieved complimentary reviews, so I think it fits as a candidate. Bloggers: All you've got to do is review this restaurant by May 20th and link back … [Read more...]

A Tasty Piece of Fish

This was a weekend of old favorites. We had hot pot at Seven Stars Peppers on Saturday night, and Sunday we visited the old 'hood for our favorite sushi at our favorite price: Shun. Without a doubt, in my mind, Shun is the best value sushi in town. Prices are very reasonable and food is exceptional. I love Maneki, though I need to feel patient and rich to go there. I have tried other lower priced options, but Shun is where I return. We actually ended up spending a bit more than expected this time, but that was because they were serving exactly what I wanted to eat. As I bit into my salmon … [Read more...]

In Search of Greatness: Momofuku Ssam Bar

We came to Momofuku Ssam Bar because of the awards, accolades and heaps of praise I had heard. As we were seated, I realized I was going to like this place just looking at the menu "We do not serve vegetarian items." This is a good sign, I thought. Follow that up with an entire section entitled "Offal" and I was pleased as a pig in punch, or whatever the saying is. Immediately realizing I was not going to be able to order everything (unfortunate, because about 75% of the dishes offered looked amazing), I decided to allow Brett some input to narrow it down. We started with Maine Sea Urchin … [Read more...]

New York Part 2: Celebrity Worship brings me to Hagi

Anthony Bourdain, as many people know, is kind of a hero to me. And by kind of, I mostly mean I am endlessly envious of his job. Eating my way around the world is, unfortunately, something I must do on my own dime. He on the other hand gets to do it for free. Luckily each week I get to watch and live vicariously by watching him on television. When in New York, he went to an underground sake bar. Seeing as B and I love sake and this sounded cool, we decided to check it out and see if Tony (that's right, we are on a first name basis) really was eating as well as he made us believe. Hagi Sake Bar … [Read more...]

New York Part 1: Celebrity Worship–Centro Vinoteca and Otto

There are, I'm willing to admit, celebrity chefs whose food and personality I very much enjoy. One such example is the delight I get when I hear Alton Brown announce "Sous chef Anne Burell making one of her famous pastas" on Iron Chef. Ms. Burell works as Mario Batali's sous chef on the show, and I started making handmade pasta dough only after watching her endless parade of beautifully mixed doughs on my screen. Thus, I was not going to pass up a chance to dine at her latest culinary venture, Centro Vinoteca, while I was in New York. We arrived early for our reservation, having cut short our … [Read more...]

Best Food Deals: Pork Belly at Maekawa–$5 (11/6/07)

Sometimes a dish just makes you wonder how it can be so delicious and yet still fit into your budget. This my first of what will hopefully become a series of the best cheap eats in and around the city. We were at the bar at Maekawa, when my eye was instantly drawn away from conversation. These eyes don't miss pork belly. Nor does this nose or tummy. It was flying by and I caught barely a glimpse, accompanied by a hard boiled egg. Searching the menu desperately for pork belly, I found this entry: Kakuni: Chunks of pork stewed with hard boiled egg. Hardly sounding appealing on the menu, I … [Read more...]

Enotria (10/2/07) Update: Closed

When the Union Bay Cafe shut its doors this summer, Laurelhurst lost a gem of a neighborhood restaurant. Having grown up in the neighborhood, I have celebrated many a birthday there, and was bummed to see it go. It was replaced by Enotria, an Italian restaurant run by a man named David Hahne, a recent import from Minneapolis. Lucky for Laurelhurst residents, he can keep the tradition of celebrating here alive--the table next to us was celebrating a 16th birthday of a son. Does it make me jaded that my thought was 'crap! another teenage boy can legally get on the roads?' Luckily my mind was … [Read more...]