Volterra: An evening out: (8/1/07)

Apparently the suggestions my boyfriend recieved from his coworkers as to where to take me for our dinner last night (looking for fancy Italian, I was being mean and testing his knowledge of me and not helping) were a cabaret show at the Can Can and the Melting Pot. Luckily my man knows that what I want is serious food, no frou-frou tricks or the such, and he had narrowed it down to the Pink Door (eliminated by virtue of us not wanting to go downtown) and Volterra. So he passed the test, because serious food it was, as well as seriously good. We sat out on the patio, just far enough removed … [Read more...]

Iron Chef Seattle: Kitfo: (7/31/07)

When I first discovered kitfo, an Ethiopian dish involving raw ground beef, I thought I had hit food heaven. I have since been scouring the city in search of the best kitfo in Seattle, and have narrowed it down to the final two. Because dinner is not kitfo on its own, I rated each restaurant on multiple basis. Entrant 1: Dahlak is actually an Eritrean restaurant (Eritrea being a small nation which seceded from Ethiopia in 1993 and thus shares culinary tradition), and is located on Rainier, just south of the Oh Boy Oberto factory. Enrant 2: Meskel is right in the heart of Seattle's … [Read more...]

When White Girls go to Dim Sum: Tea Garden: (7/16/07)

If you live anywhere besides in the International District, Dim Sum has just gotten a little bit easier to get to. Located at the corner of Ranier and Dearborn, Tea Garden is a mere block off the freeway and has its own parking lot, making access easy for those of us coming from the north. Despite the difficulty of getting to dim sum in other areas with a bad hangover, I have had dim sum many a time. We always joke that they treat non-asians differently, giving us lots of water, or offering us a fork, but I have never felt like I was treated so differently until Tea Garden. Unfortunately, like … [Read more...]

Introducing Rijsttafel: Julia’s Indonesian Kitchen: (7/15/07)

Having been to Amsterdam twice in my teen years to...tour, and like, you know, stuff, I have had the pleasure of traditional rijsttafel more than once. So, needless to say, I was pretty excited to hear that an Indonesian restaurant was moving in less than a mile from my house that would actually serve this feast of a dish. Born, like the Vietnamese Baguette sandwich, Bahn Mi, of colonial influence on native society, rijsttafel was the feast invented by the Dutch to eat the local foods on Indonesia. While I didn't expect the rijsttafel at Julia's Indonesian Kitchen to be served by 40 half-naked … [Read more...]

Jack’s Mainly Deliciousness: (7/12/07)

This was my week at Jack's. Jack's Mainly Chinese Tapas Cafe, that is. As a lover of Chinese food, I have been trying to convince my boyfriend of its worth, but given that he had only been to buffets in his native Indiana, I had been having trouble getting him into them. Now we've had Chinese 3 times this week, all because I stumbled upon Jack's.The atmosphere might not be traditional, and you have to eat in to be able to pick specials off the whiteboards, crowded with things you've never tried before, but the daring are rewarded, as the best dishes were blind shots in the dark. Saturday night … [Read more...]

Has it really been almost 24 hrs. since I posted on sushi?: (5/9/07)

I'm an honest person, thus I am embracing (Freudian Slip: I actually wrote embarrassing) my love of raw fish. I was recently tipped off regarding a Korean dish called Hwe Dup Bop. I was told it was essentially a chirashi bowl with raw egg on top. So today I moseyed on down to the new King's Teriyaki at the corner of Broadway and Denny and ordered a #31 (I didn't dare try to pronounce that). Because I ordered to-go, I am not sure how this would have looked if I had gotten it in the appropriate flatware, but I took it back to my office and unwrapped my bundle like an excited kid on Christmas … [Read more...]

Sushi Delight: (5/8/07)

As I am on the eternal quest for the $5 sushi feast, I am always on the lookout for a great deal at a local sushi restaurant. My boyfriend recently introduced me to the current favorite. At Hiroshi's, a small little slip of a restaurant in a strip mall type building on the side of Eastlake. As you sit down, they bring over an amuse bouche of sesame seaweed salad. After ordering, I learned my meal also came with a miso soup, complete with chunks of fried egg and tofu. But the real specialty was the Chirashi bowl I had ordered. I have eaten a fair amount of chirashi in my life, and was expecting … [Read more...]

Does it Live up to the Hype?

Harvest Vine is the name on the tip of every foodie's tongue in Seattle. I had heard the name over and over as the best place in town, but I had never been there. Not even since B's best friend has been a cook there for the last 4 months (that is four months too long, my friend). So finally we went. I know my experience was not the same as everyone else's, as we sat in front of Kim so that he could sneak us as many dishes as possible. The food was great. I wasn't jumping out of my seat or squirming with excitement, but I think some of that was because I was expecting such a great meal. I … [Read more...]

A Nice New Year’s Eve Surprise

Sometimes the right meal just comes to you. As we jumped out of a friend's car on New Year's eve, planning for sushi at Ototo (a very good neighborhood place) an empty restaurant caught our eye. Opal has been open for a little over a year now, and had a few rave reviews and some mediocre ones, but sounded far fancier and more celebratory than a sushi joint we frequented. In we went, seated right away. Champagne was on special, so we ordered that up right away. Service was impeccable, which was not lost on our table full of long time restaurant employees. We started with the cheese plate, which … [Read more...]