Dear Seattle Restaurants: A Chicken and Waffles Challenge

 This picture, folks, is the ultimate in chicken and waffle cuisine. Not familiar? Neither was I. I was dubious, to say the least, as all of my friends urged me to try Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles while I was on vacation in Los Angeles. I like fried chicken as much as the next person, and well, who can dislike a waffle, right? But together...I narrowed my eyes in wary judgment. How wrong I was! Now, I'm reduced to chasing this delicacy up the coastline, in search of the same succulence. Seattle restaurant owners, I issue you this challenge: Make a chicken and waffle dish that rivals … [Read more...]

A Few Upcoming and Kind of Awesome Events

I don't normally devote much space to events, despite the constant influx of emails telling me about them, mostly because I don't believe in promoting events that I wouldn't myself attend or be attending. And then sometimes I am scared they'll sell out before I get my ticket. But there does seem to be quite a few things coming up that I'm excited about, so I wanted to give my readers a heads up, two of which I'll be at and one of which I'm sad to say, I'll miss out on by being out of town. First off is this Sunday's Oyster Roast for the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. They had me when they … [Read more...]

The St. Germain Cocktail Crawl

So it is very hard to write about a cocktail crawl because by the time you feel energized to write, you may have forgotten much of what went on. Compound that with still having ADS (after-drinking-stupids) and you might accidentally delete the post instead of posting it. So if this comes out less inspired and more insipid this time, I apologize. A cocktail crawl--what a brilliant idea! I used to work in restaurant marketing so I appreciate the concept from all sides. As you see desperate restaurants cling to the recession economy for their final dollars, throwing out brunches and happy … [Read more...]

Spur or Spurn?

One of the most important things I have to say about Spur is that it is greater than the sum of its part, something which every restaurant strives for. It also means that as I pick it apart, I already know it will sound more negative than I mean it to. Because really, I very much enjoyed my time there. If I had the means I would go back often. If I can ever again get someone to expense 2/3rds of my meal, I'll be back in a heartbeat. The ambience definitely gets an A+. The tables are cool, windy and wood. We sat at a high communal table. Leslie Kelly decried communal tables in this mornings … [Read more...]

Getting Choosy at Txori

Did you see how I did that, made it easy to pronounce Txori while also making a little pun? Ahh, that is why I love writing. This is my entry for the Seattle Restaurant Review 360 over at Herbivoracious. We didn't come to Txori with a plan. I had heard it was true tapas portions, and had warned B that a back up plan for dinner would be necessary. Looking at the menu online he insisted that we at least give it the opportunity to be a dinner. I arrived after B, I'm not sure by how much, but he was already seated. It turned out there was a family style dinner going on as well, which he decided … [Read more...]

Omakase Life (4/25/07)

Recently my roommate and I, sushi afficionado extraordinaires, discovered the magic word 'Omakase'. Essentially it means that you would like the chef to give you whatever is best that day. Having just enjoyed a delicious and unique meal at Shun, near U. Village (full omakase reviews after the break), I got to thinking about using the term omakase in other fields. When we sit down at the sushi bar and say 'omakase' the chef relishes his (or her?) chance to show off just how well they can do while at the same time you get to enjoy the fruit of his labor. It isn't that the sushi is not always … [Read more...]

Umi Sake House

I had previously only been to Umi for happy hour and thus my only memory was fuzzily searching for the bathroom, which is camoflouged into a wooden wall and not ideal for those of us who have had too much cheap sake.But this time we had missed Happy Hour (which runs til 8, so you must be very flaky to miss). So we had a look at the extensive fresh sheet and the two enormous pages of menu items. I started with the oyster shooter. Each of the components--a sorbet, the oyster, and the salsa type veggies on the bottome--were delicious, but I very much like my oyster and found it very overwhelming … [Read more...]