[Contest] Where to Eat at Pike Place Market: A Local’s Perspective

Like Eloise in the Plaza, I ran about the Pike Place Market as a child; ducking into stands and around tourists. If I were lucky, there was a post-swim-lesson lunch courtesy of my parents, maybe at the Turkish deli. Other times, my friends and I would slunk about, mixing in amongst older, more experienced vagrants. We'd laugh at the tourists, posing outside the wrong (not the first) Starbucks. Today, I'm no different, no less a kid in a candy store. I sneak through the market at 8am, on my way to work, when only the useful stalls--the fish, the vegetables, are open. Pike Place Market in … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat: Where to Eat

Can't think. Must type blog deliriously in heat. Must babble top 5 things to eat (and how to eat them) in Seattle during ridiculous heat invasion! 1) Sichuan Boiled Fish from Sichuanese Cuisine (or anywhere else that serves this awesome dish: 7 Stars, Chiang's, many more). Hot, spicy peppers, soft flaky fish, this dish is delicious anytime of the year, but in the hot weather it feels especially good to sweat out the heat--it is your body's natural cooling system anyways. Sichuanese Cuisine on Superpages.com 2) Ezell's Fried Chicken because nothing says a picnic on the beach like fried … [Read more...]

Does Serious Eating Run in the Family?

My little brother is coming to town this weekend. Here is the conversation between the brother and myself: from N to B date Tue, May 13, 2008 at 9:59 AM subject Schedule of Events Ha! I'm scheduling you in for events sinceĀ  my usual partner in crime will have abandoned me for Japan for the week. Please let me know what you do or don't want to participate in. Sunday: There is a cheese festival at the pike place market. It's supposed to be nice out. And there are cheeses. And wine. Should be a good time. I'll need you here, you don't want to be at a cheese festival with a wussy … [Read more...]

Seattle Food Tour

One of the most enjoyable elements of our trip to New York was that we were given a self guided walking tour of food place on an online message board. Extending it and adding our own interests, we ended up spending a day walking--we totaled it up to about 12 miles, and eating. It was an amazing experience, and I felt that I had truly gotten to know the city, walking the streets and eating just a small nibble at each place. We ended up often eating between the two of us, about half of each item, then giving the other half to the nearest hungry looking street-person. So we even added a little … [Read more...]

McCormick and Schmicks

So I was underwhelmed in general by McCormick and Schmick's Fish Bar on 4th. It was like the service was by a teenager recently promoted from McDonalds. He didn't know the menu, got orders wrong, etc. Not to mention there was bugworms crawling on my table! … [Read more...]