The Meat and the Moose

It all added up to me having no desire to go there. I didn't need another "Mexican" breakfast that involved American style egg dishes dressed up in sombrero and sarapi, or their edible equivalents. Sometimes I hear so much about restaurants that I begin to resent them, to make assumptions about them and the people who like them, so much that they cease to have any draw for me. SeƱor Moose in Ballard was one of those places. For a time it seemed like everyone wanted to know, had I been there? Did I know how wonderful their Huevos Ahogados were? Why hadn't I been seen standing in the hour plus … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat: Where to Eat

Can't think. Must type blog deliriously in heat. Must babble top 5 things to eat (and how to eat them) in Seattle during ridiculous heat invasion! 1) Sichuan Boiled Fish from Sichuanese Cuisine (or anywhere else that serves this awesome dish: 7 Stars, Chiang's, many more). Hot, spicy peppers, soft flaky fish, this dish is delicious anytime of the year, but in the hot weather it feels especially good to sweat out the heat--it is your body's natural cooling system anyways. Sichuanese Cuisine on 2) Ezell's Fried Chicken because nothing says a picnic on the beach like fried … [Read more...]

Karama: An Exersice in Ethnic Eating

Being whiter than Weird Al, I often find satisfying my cravings for eats from random ethnicities to be a bit of an exercise in patience and rolling with the punches, though often with delicious rewards. Karama, a new self-described "East-African, Somali, Italian, Mediterranean and American" food restaurant was no different. Usually I will avoid any restaurant that claims to do that many different cuisines, but upon reading the menu and seeing what they offered, I instead rang up my friend M, who lived in Tanzania, and informed her of my findings. We made a date and headed down with our … [Read more...]

Barrio at Brunchtime

When Barrio invited me to come to lunch with B, for free, I paused and then wrote them a quick letter saying I would go but I wouldn't guarantee anything written and if I did I didn't promise to be nice, etc, etc. Then I went to brunch. I kind of hoped it would be bad and I could brush off the whole experience and never think about it again. But it wasn't. It was quite good and fit a very specific niche that B and I need in our lunch world. We walked in the heavy doors at about 9:59 for a 10am reservation (B had biking to do). "We don't open until 10" a hostess told us, rather bluntly. I … [Read more...]

A Fabulous Northwest Weekend

It was raining slightly on my run this morning, but now the bright sun is shining through my office window. It is so typical Seattle, and I just love it. Like I love so many things about my city, including so much of my weekend. This was my first weekend not coaching ski racing, my first days off in many months (since the snow started falling) and I was eager to get outside and enjoy the many things that are on offer here. It was such a fabulous collection of awesome activities that I'm posting here so you can remember how great where we live is... First thing Saturday morning, we sauntered … [Read more...]

A Few Upcoming and Kind of Awesome Events

I don't normally devote much space to events, despite the constant influx of emails telling me about them, mostly because I don't believe in promoting events that I wouldn't myself attend or be attending. And then sometimes I am scared they'll sell out before I get my ticket. But there does seem to be quite a few things coming up that I'm excited about, so I wanted to give my readers a heads up, two of which I'll be at and one of which I'm sad to say, I'll miss out on by being out of town. First off is this Sunday's Oyster Roast for the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. They had me when they … [Read more...]

The St. Germain Cocktail Crawl

So it is very hard to write about a cocktail crawl because by the time you feel energized to write, you may have forgotten much of what went on. Compound that with still having ADS (after-drinking-stupids) and you might accidentally delete the post instead of posting it. So if this comes out less inspired and more insipid this time, I apologize. A cocktail crawl--what a brilliant idea! I used to work in restaurant marketing so I appreciate the concept from all sides. As you see desperate restaurants cling to the recession economy for their final dollars, throwing out brunches and happy … [Read more...]

Anchovies & Olives

I really like Anchovies and Olives. Both the two individual foods and the restaurant. Seriously, anchovies and olives are two of my favorite things and I think that helped in my decision to really like the restaurant. There is something basic, plain and inviting about the completely bare walls and barely screened over industrial ceiling. The kitchen is open, with low counters, leaving the whole thing completely exposed, much like the food. What do I mean by exposed food? It is served, plain and simple, just as it is described on the menu. Order the scallop under 'crudo' (grapefruit, … [Read more...]

The Joy of a new (restaurant) Love: Bamboo Grill–Update: Closed

It's the rush of adrenaline that comes as you push open the door of an untested restaurant, the thrill of finding that it is not a dud. From first bite to the last wave at our waitress, I knew that the Bamboo Grill would be a new favorite for us. Bamboo Grill is a Vietnamese restaurant, but not a hole in the wall pho place like Pho Bac or Than Brothers. Nor is it a shiny beacon of culinary fancies as are Greenleaf and Tamarind Tree. No, Bamboo Grill is what it is, a corner restaurant in my neighborhood serving up a small, precise menu of delicious specialties from Vietnam. As the only people … [Read more...]

A Summer Soup for a Winter’s Day

What to do with one of those rare winter weekends in which I'm not on the ski hill? I had a birthday brunch for a best friend that just happened to be in perfect position for me to stop at the Ballard Farmer's Market on the way. As a close friend of mine, she's spent over ten years of birthdays with me having to bail early or miss out because I'm never around on weekends, so I was a little thankful for the day off from coaching. After hitting up the farmer's market, I was very thankful. Maybe it was just being away from the markets for so long, maybe it was that there really were a million … [Read more...]