5 Sauces that Spank Sriracha

America loves the cock. The big red bottle with the outline of the rooster on it has climbed to bacon-esque levels of zeitgeist, and to be quite frank, I'm over Sriracha. As a heat-hound, I crave spiciness in every meal, and as an educated eater, I also want flavor. In the world of over blown excitement over it, I think that the Oatmeal nailed the Sriracha problem much better than Bon Appetit's 25 ways to use Sriracha. Oatmeal understands that the powerful yet unexciting flavors of Sriracha are best used to cover for poor quality and bad technique, while Bon Appetit encourages readers to use … [Read more...]

Spicy Mango Bubble Tea (with Boba Pearls from Scratch)

Did you know that the internet doesn't know everything? Hard as I looked, I was unable to find a reasonable recipe for how to make bubble tea bubbles. Just a few people seem to have tried it, and most of them didn't seem to be bothered to write down, you know, like, amounts, and helpful stuff like that. Lucky for me, I had a vague idea of how to do it, since I'd accidentally made something pretty similar a few years back while trying to thicken blueberry sauce (for salmon) with tapioca flour. So what I knew going into this was that tapioca flour dropped in, rather than whisked in, to a … [Read more...]

Sundays are Good Days

I woke up this morning and went up to the first day of the Broadway Farmer's Market as it opened at 11am. Perusing the market, I actually managed to get out with out spending ridiculous amounts of money, but with a large amount of delicious food. I've only been home for about an hour and I've already had two different kinds of arugula salad. Here are my variations for home use: anchovy filets, sauteed in olive oil, hot oil poured over the top of the arugula to wilt it, then crisp up asiago cheese in the oven and sprinkle for crunch. Salt, pepper. Version two, used oil left clinging to the pan … [Read more...]