The French Laundry on Yelp: A Zero Star Review

1/8/13   Okay, people, listen up. I went to the French Laundry, and obviously I’m the most qualified person to offer this review, even though there are fifty one-star reviews already on the site, because this is going to be the first person to give a ZERO star review! FIRST ONE HERE! Also, I actually went to the restaurant, so that puts me a leg up on more than half of those silly one-star people. I thought this place, was, like, super exclusive, or something? I was extremely angry that I got the exact day and time I wanted for my reservation (by following the instructions on … [Read more...]

Hi, I’m here, I was in San Fran and now: BYE!

I recently got this email from my grandmother: "Are you too busy to keep up your blog?  I click on every day and see that same photo of the egg looking at me." Aw, Jeez. Okay, I'm sorry guys. I have been busy! Amongst other things, planning an 11 day trip to China, which is at this point, really, still entirely unplanned. And I leave in 3 days. Anyone know anything about Beijing? So that is to say, I'm going to disappear again shortly. But when I get back I will have memory card upon memory card filled with food porn straight off the plane from China. I'll even have 2 weeks before I start my … [Read more...]

Eating my way through San Francisco

Despite the many delicious and thought provoking meals I had in San Francisco, I feel like there are many more to be had. Despite that nagging feeling that I've missed something good, I can ease my mind by remembering that nary a wasted bite crossed my lips. Armed with a pile of suggestions from various San Fran natives, visitors and my wonderful hosts--who happen to be lovers of the dining world as well--I set out to the south for a few good meals. Straight off the plane we were swooped up and deposited at the front door of the Alembic, where the hostess touted to us the new menu. Service … [Read more...]

San Francisco Picnic

Now that my situation has been rectified, I must admit that I was committing a grave mistake by failing to visit San Francisco in the last 14 years. In the coming days, I do promise to attempt a deeper delve into the food I consumed while actually on my visit, but right now I'm already floating down memory lane by eating the fabulous foods that I brought back with me. Thanks to the luxury of traveling with a small insulated tote, I was able to return from my short trip laden with the fabulous products which I did not have time to eat while there. The pimentos de padron, you'll see, the bright … [Read more...]