Ben is on Jeopardy Tonight

As most of you already know, my little brother is, well, suffice it to say, ridiculous. You probably already watched little Ben Bishop answer (ask?) his way to $116k back in December. Now he's back, on the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions. And I'm there, in the audience! Remember this when I was in Vegas? Well, there I was, cheering Ben on as he continued to amaze the audience and, really, his own family. So calling all you Ben fans out there, be sure to turn on your TV tonight and cheer him along! … [Read more...]

Brunch at Bouchon (Vegas)

Before I being my complaint (yup, it is coming) I want to put it out there that I loved my meal at Bouchon and would return in a heart beat and would recommend it to anyone. Of all the places I wanted to hit in Las Vegas, Bouchon stood out. I couldn't wait to go--we settled on brunch to keep it more affordable. As fancy well known chef restaurants go, Bouchon is very reasonably priced and at lunch one could get away with under easily under $20 for a meal, tax and tip inclusive. I say one could, because I for one did not. But it is plausible. So my complaint? The service was... mediocre. In a … [Read more...]