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The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog?

Keep up with my food writing by subscribing to my newsletter Given that I've written on this blog at the snailish pace of one post a year for the last couple, it shouldn't be so hard to admit the thing is dead. But since I became a full-time … [Read More...]

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I am a professional writer and photographer specializing in food and travel. Learn more about my work in Sunset Magazine, Edible Seattle, and on Serious Eats on my profile page and contact me about working together.

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Did ya miss me?

Okay, so it's been a little while. I'm sorry. I have committed a bloggerific sin. Terrible, I abandoned my blog to go to work for a group blog, at I apologize. But now, I have decided to try my hand … [Read More...]

74th Street Alehouse

My first shock regarding the 74th Street Alehouse was that when I walked in at 7:45 on a wednesday evening, the place was absolutely jam-packed. After getting over this initial shock, I managed to snag a small table for … [Read More...]

The Old Peculiar

I love pub trivia, and I had heard that the trivia at the OP was legendary, so I decided to give it a shot. I recruited the man and a friend and her man and the four of us went. I got there at 615 to snag a table, though … [Read More...]

Taste of India

You might think I ought to go to Taste of India all the time, as it is about a mile from my house, but when Anita's Bistro is across the street, it is easy to resist.However, I was in the mood for that little bit … [Read More...]


Oh how I love dim sum! This saturday we went out in search of a new place. My dim sum heart has not been at peace since the closing of Top Gun. I like Jade Garden, but I don't fight crowds well. But I think I have a new … [Read More...]

Umi Sake House

I had previously only been to Umi for happy hour and thus my only memory was fuzzily searching for the bathroom, which is camoflouged into a wooden wall and not ideal for those of us who have had too much cheap sake.But … [Read More...]

I Love Sushi

So after having convinced the Man that I Love Sushi deserved a second try (he had been there, I had not, but had heard great things about it), we headed down for an early dinner. It was expensive (80 for the two of us), … [Read More...]


So this will actually be an amalgam of my many times at Shun, a Sushi place outside of University Village.I started out with a vendetta against Shun. While in previous incarnations the building has been a KFC and a … [Read More...]


I remember as a child, we used to go for Ethiopian food a fair amount. Mostly this sticks in my head because it was the only time we were not yelled at for eating with our fingers (which I'm pretty sure we did, … [Read More...]

Sam’s Sushi

So I have been to Sam's before and have always enjoyed decent, even good, cheap sushi there. We went for the BF's B-day, though and I was thoughroly dissapointed. Our sashimi was frozen. I could see the ice crystals in … [Read More...]