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Proximo por Canal Seis: Next up on Channel Six

Thank you to Blacklane for sponsoring this post. Scroll down for more info. Eight years after my time in Uruguay, on vacation 4,500 miles north of Montivdeo, I curled up in pain on the tile floor of a Puebla, Mexico hotel room. A voice came on the … [Read More...]

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I am a professional writer and photographer specializing in food and travel. Learn more about my work in Sunset Magazine, Edible Seattle, and on Serious Eats on my profile page and contact me about working together.

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Mr. Villa’s

On Lake City way, just a few blocks from my house is Mr. Villas. It is shabby from the outside, but by the time I woke the BF up at 1pm on saturday, I just wanted food, and Mexican sounded great. It was a little crowded, … [Read More...]

Wingmasters Note

We went in for wings at Wingmasters last night, and I'm sad to announce that Todd, the cook has been fired. I have no interest in this place any more. His wing sauces were what made this bar great.He has an interview … [Read More...]

La Carta de Oaxaca

Oooh, I waited along time to try this place. After repeated attempts to eat here botched by the rumbling of my tummy after hearing that it was a one hour wait, I dragged my parents out here for my Dad's birthday on a … [Read More...]

Cooper’s Ale House

Okay, working on catching up on a few here. Cooper's is the closest bar to the new digs. I went down there last week to check out my options, and what did I happen upon but this girl's favorite thing in the world--PUB … [Read More...]

Thai-ger Room

Holy hell, its been a while since I posted! Ski season (aka hibernation) has in fact set in. In the meantime I have moved into a new house and got a new car (courtesy of the lady in the giant SUV who slammed into me). So … [Read More...]

The Park Pub

Upon an invite to $5 burger night with my middle school best friend and her boyfriend, I headed off to check out what $5 could buy you at the Park Pub. Well, it turned out to be quite a good deal. When I sat down, the … [Read More...]

Szechuan Bistro

First I think I should admit to having ate their food twice in two days. Now I can continue.We stopped in here because we wanted something hot and spicy due to the illness contracted by the ol' bf. It advertised hot and … [Read More...]


24th and 58th in BallardWingmasters is exactly what all dive bars should strive to be. I will issue this with a warning that I would not go in there alone. Nor would I reccomend any other females doing so. Even with my … [Read More...]

Lock and Keel

Lock and Keel is a nice little pub--I thought it was going to be a dive bar, considering my boyfriend wanted to go. Instead of a grill, they go in a different direction, and have a smoker out back. This meant that the … [Read More...]

China Gate

As much as I am inclined to vote yes on the idea of Dim Sum at night, the service here was not as good as one wants from dim sum. While everything we ordered was made fresh, they were missing about three things we … [Read More...]