Bacon and Sour Cream Stuffed Potato Puffs

¬† The wheels in my head go round and round...round and round. The Taro Puffs on the dim sum cart go round and round...round and round. Using the recipe from Asian Dumplings, I became drunk on success¬† after my first attempt at Taro Puffs, those lacy, crisp bundles of soft starch that envelop pockets of pork, roaming about the dim sum world. What if...I thought. What if, I replaced taro with a more versatile starch, one that could be blank canvas for all my evil amazing plans. I tried to research if the lacy crunch that defines the taro puff would translate to a potato. Andrea … [Read more...]

A First for Pheasant

I have two rules in life: 1) you can fix everything with duct tape and 2) anything else you can fix with bacon. In case you are wondering, the latter is the one that applies here. Recently I was gifted my first pheasant ever. I am fairly certain I had never eaten a bit of this bird before in my life, and yet I was overly excited about bringing my bird home. I picked it up, interestingly enough, at a mutton party, where I had my first bites of the Owensboro, Kentucky specialty of barbecued mutton. It's delicious, as a side note for those who are interested. My friend had just shot it that … [Read more...]