Just Bento Cookbook and Turnip Salad Recipe

I want to crawl into a bento box. Curl up real tiny with the apple rabbits and carrot stars, atop a soft and gentle bed of white rice. Pull around me a blanket of nori and have my self a siesta. Wait, though, not just any bento box. The breathtaking (yes, I said breathtaking) cedar box that Makiko Itoh brought when she spoke at the book event Viv held recently. With a beautiful box like that, you feel obliged to make a beautiful lunch to match. Sadly, I don't see myself getting a $75 bento box anytime soon. But a girl can window shop, no? The event, where Itoh cooked up a feast of bento … [Read more...]

My First Bento

Yeah, I'm calling it now. The next big trend in America in food. Bento, the Japanese art of packing a lunch. It has already caught on a little bit, but I'm saying an explosion, here, people. The economy is down, people need to pack those lunches. They want healthy. Bento is, by definition, healthy. So I decided to get a head start and practice my bento making skill.   I tried as hard as I could to adhere to what I know about bento making. I know that it is supposed to be 3:2:1 rice:fruit/veg/protein, so you can see that I've got about half rice with little sesame seed eyes and a big hot … [Read more...]