Blazing Cattle

"Tickets go on sale in May," says the Burning Beast Facebook page. By the time the ticket-holding public entered Burning Beast, 200 pounds of beef had been taken from the rebar-and-steel cross and were resting quietly (as dead animals tend to do) on the table. One kind of chaos ended as a new one crouched at the starting line. 600-plus people stood ready to descend on the beef and other roasted carcasses strewn around the field. The previous night at dinner Tamara Murphy, seminal Seattle chef and founder of Burning Beast, said to the participating chefs, “We come out for a great party, and … [Read more...]

Little Nibbles: Good Taste Touring, Feasting, and Beasting

Summer in Seattle is the greatest thing ever. There's even proof now, from Seattle's own weather celebrity. Because we're just a strange enough town to have one of those. I have been doing my best to not miss a single second of the excitement, which at times has meant writing articles by hand when the sun wakes me up at six in the morning while camped out in the mind-bogglingly beautiful North Cascades wilderness, because I'm just a strange enough person to do that--and love every second of it. So to catch you up on what I've been doing while I wasn't here: I ate a lot. See below for … [Read more...]

Burning Beast 2010 in Photos and Taste Buds

The eponymous beast, above, burns. This is your warning for next year--the event sells out and it is awesome. Having attended in 2009 after reading about the awesomeness of the 2008 event, I again had slept through the event selling out. Luckily thanks to a few well placed friends and the kindness of the organizers I was given a pass to this year's Burning Beast. Organized by Tamara Murphy, formerly of Brasa, currently of Elliott Bay Cafe and future of Terra Plata, Burning Beast is a fundraiser for arts organization Smoke Farm. That means she some how convinces most of Seattle's great chefs … [Read more...]