There’s no Food in the House! Clean-Out-the-Fridge Meals

"There's no food in the house!" Is a common refrain in my house. Brett will look over at me, eyebrow arched in doubt. "I don't believe you," he'll say, reassuring me of his supreme confidence in my ability to make something, anything for dinner based on what we actually do have. And I will. In part out of laziness to go to the store, and in part out of being unable to back down from a challenge. It's like the daily Iron Chef battle in my own kitchen: make dinner using only the ingredients already in the house, and get it done before we're both so hungry we've eaten a meals worth of … [Read more...]

The Easiest Chicken Curry in the World

How easy? Really easy. I'm not calling it authentic, I'm not even sure to what country its authenticity could be attributed, but I do know it tasted damn good and I didn't have to do anything. How good? I had already gone to bed when B came home to eat this and he came upstairs to wake me up, midway through his meal, to let me know how good it was. I'm not even that big of a fan of chicken. It doesn't matter though, because when braised, as this chicken is, it has none of the dry, flavorlessness of chicken breasts, none of the overly greasy, fattiness of fried chicken wings, just meaty … [Read more...]