(Stir-Fried) Water Boiled Fish

"You'll like it." These were the words that I was told the first time I tasted the Sichuanese dish known as water-boiled fish. That phrase may just be the most epic understatement in the history of my life, up there with descriptions of me such as 'a little competitive' and the usual elementary school report card 'can be bossy.' For once, I had found a Chinese restaurant that 'got' me. That didn't dumb dishes down when they saw my skin color, that didn't come running with a fork and a glass of ice water at my pronunciation of Chinese words. No, Chiang's Gourmet had made a dish suggestion … [Read more...]

Small Wonders of Summer, Part 2: Anchovies

"I'll be on Capitol Hill later, I'll drop them off" My anchovy guy said to me. Who was my anchovy guy? Well, his name is John, and he goes by "CoastalRovers" on twitter. That was about the sum of my knowledge when I gave him the address. Sure enough, he showed up shortly there after with a trunk full of fresh fishies (and god knows what all else). "Big or small?" He asked me. With no knowledge of fresh anchovies, pulled that day from the ocean, I guessed big. I handed over my $6 and watched him fill up my giant tupperware. Then he threw in many extra small ones, for good measure. It was a … [Read more...]

Lessons from a Chinese Roommate Part 2: Whole Steamed Fish

I consider myself a fairly adventurous eater so I was okay with it when one of the restaurants I worked in started serving whole sardines, head and all. As I watched the waiters get squemish, I was a little bummed that these staff of a seafood restaurant would be so scared of a fish head. It brought me back to my first whole fish experience, watching Tracey steam up whole trout in our kitchen, then excitedly pluck out the eyeballs. So I mosied down to my local Whole Foods and picked up a nice whole trout. It was cleaned already, which was nice, since I have no idea how one cleans a fish. To … [Read more...]

McCormick and Schmicks

So I was underwhelmed in general by McCormick and Schmick's Fish Bar on 4th. It was like the service was by a teenager recently promoted from McDonalds. He didn't know the menu, got orders wrong, etc. Not to mention there was bugworms crawling on my table! … [Read more...]