Xinjiang-Style Lamb Skewers

This post is for a contest being put on by the folks at the American Lamb Board. The prize is cool (cooking with a chef at an event) and I'd like to win, so please vote for me! Also, that means the lamb used here was given to me by the lamb folks. Thanks, lamb folks! Xinjiang lamb skewers are the best bar snack you've never had. Unless you've been to Beijing, in which case, they might just be the best bar snack you have had. It's been almost three years since I came back from Beijing, but the many tasty skewers I had have stuck with me. It was high time to recreate them at … [Read more...]

Learn to breakdown and process chickens, lamb and mutton in the Seattle area

I just got the coolest email. As you may have noticed, I am a big fan of getting involved in the entire process of bringing animals to the table, from them being born to how they die. A local Seattle farm is now offering the opportunity for anyone to learn to process and butcher animals. I am ridiculously excited about this, though sad that I won't be able to attend all parts of it. I hope that some of you, darling readers, are able to and can give me a full report! Here's the email I received, verbatim. [I received the e-mail through the Seattle P-Patch mailing list] Greetings Washington … [Read more...]