[Contest] Where to Eat at Pike Place Market: A Local’s Perspective

Like Eloise in the Plaza, I ran about the Pike Place Market as a child; ducking into stands and around tourists. If I were lucky, there was a post-swim-lesson lunch courtesy of my parents, maybe at the Turkish deli. Other times, my friends and I would slunk about, mixing in amongst older, more experienced vagrants. We'd laugh at the tourists, posing outside the wrong (not the first) Starbucks. Today, I'm no different, no less a kid in a candy store. I sneak through the market at 8am, on my way to work, when only the useful stalls--the fish, the vegetables, are open. Pike Place Market in … [Read more...]

A Thanksgiving Weekend Shopfest

You might think one would get sick of eating after the Thanksgiving holiday, but you would be wrong. At least when it comes to me! Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday (the foodie police will be coming to get me soon). I find the food not to my test, and I mean this not as a criticism to those who like it, but I simply don't like turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy or sweet potatoes. I am a little partial to stuffing. But the point is that on the Saturday after the holiday, I was off in search of greener pastures for my grazing. ┬áLucky for me the University District farmers market was open and … [Read more...]