Cinco de Mango: Mango Ice Cream

A tweet from former Seattleite and pro pastry chef Dana Cree intrigued me: "if you buy coconut cream as well as milk you can make ice cream w/o any thickeners. 20% cream, 55% milk. 25% sugar + salt tt" That was in September. It was cold. I didn't make any ice cream. I filed the tweet away for a sunny day. On Saturday, that day arrived. I bought the three beautiful champagne mangoes to flavor the ice cream. Or rather, the frozen dessert: without milk, cream, or eggs, it's barely ice cream. Of course, not being able to leave well enough alone, I reduced the sugar a little, since the mango … [Read more...]

Dear Technology: Thanks for Taqueria Juquilita

The whole trip I had made fun of the GPS system, as it led us to longer routes or kept me from speaking up when I did know the way. Then it helped me in a way I never would have guessed: it led me to Taqueria Juquilita in Chehalis, Washington. We had been running the Hood to Coast race, 197 miles from the top of Mt. Hood to the shores of Seaside, and our little van of six people had subsisted on Cheese-It's, Nila Wafers and the occasional Subway stop. My idea to drop by Whiffies Fried Pies was shut down, and I didn't even bother pointing out that the napping station was right next door to … [Read more...]