Best Recipes for Fall Seasonal Cooking

Last week, Seattle sweated through an 80 degree day--not something we have to do often. Three days later, we looked out on grey horizons, at that point where the slate sky meets the silver waters, through a screen of incessant raindrops.  The rain was typical Seattle--not hard enough to get your shirt wet, but leaving puddles and clumps of fragrant leaves strewn about. It smelled like fall. The season was here and it had a woodsy aroma--smokey, yet fresh. Cuddled into a cowl neck sweater, my mind wandered to the wonders of fall foods. Like a kid picking pumpkins from a patch, I selected a few … [Read more...]

I’m Going on a Mushroom Hunt!

  (title to be sung to the tune of the old camp classic "I'm going on a bear hunt") There are people in this world who, when an idea strikes them, can reply with "oh, that would be cool" and then move on with the rest of their lives. Not so much with my friends and I. So when K and I realized that our love of trampling through the woods of the Northwest could be combined with our love of eating fungi, we became possessed with the idea of being mushroom foragers. So a few things happened. After realizing that a) we had no idea how to find a mushroom, b) we had no idea where to find a … [Read more...]