Eating America: The Best Food in New Orleans

Consider this the food bloggers guide to New Orleans. As I say on my About Page, being a GastroGnome is not about sitting idly on the front lawn of culinary cottages. Each year I tell my stories of trips to Beijing, Hanoi, and Mexico, but sometimes I leave out my favorite places right here in the U.S. No more! Here is the beginnings of my 'Eating America' series, featuring the best eating around our fine nation. I make no secret of my love for the city of New Orleans. I first visited it while on Spring Break from college, in the pre-Katrina days, and the last few years I've made it practice … [Read more...]

Veni, Vedi, Vici…Crawfish: 5 tips for your next Crawfish Boil

At the end of the night the skin on my thumbs was torn to shreds, there were red stains streaked across my shorts, 'battle-worn' barely began to describe either my appearance or my attitude. When the final Abita had been poured, the final head sucked, the final puff of powdered sugar faded into the air from a beignet, I emerged victorious. Yes, I went to the Where ya at Matt crawfish boil, and I won. What's that you say, you didn't realize that crawfish boil attendance was a competitive sport? It's more marathon than sprint, more chess than wrestling, more thunderdome than anything else. I … [Read more...]