Ben Bishop Jeopardy Update from the Big Sis…

Okay, lots of people asking, so a quick update on Ben's Jeopardy winnings. As of the Friday show he has won $114,800. He won on Friday and will be back on Monday's show. Combined, his winnings so far make him the biggest money winner on Jeopardy for the year 2008. He will be returning to the show for the Tournament of Champions, which airs in Mid-March. Not bad, kiddo, not bad... Other random Jeopardy related musings, since I've been asked a few times: -This show was taped in early October. They did not limit Ben on who he could tell, but he refrained from telling anyone outside the … [Read more...]

Like Comparing Apples, and, well, Apples

I have always thought I didn't like apples. They'd be the last thing on a table I'd eat. If I were hungry and there were only apples, I'd wait. Not that I thought they were gross, I just didn't like them. Today, that changed. I liked an apple. It was juicy, but without being messy and drippy like a peach. It was crunchy, but not so hard that it hurt my gums to bite into. There was no evidence of that awkward mealiness when an apple is on the verge of going bad. "So what," I hear you say. "Its a freakin' apple. People have liked apples for hundreds (thousands? I'm not up on my apple history) … [Read more...]