A Salad for Salad Haters: Radicchio with Anchovy Dressing

Thanksgiving's over and holiday parties are getting started. With all that heavy food (not to mention the cocktails), even those who are not the biggest salad fans need to try to sneak in a vegetable or two. Not saying I hate salad personally, just that I'd rather eat stuffing than salad. I might rather eat stuffing than about anything, though. For those who share my preferences, this is the go-to salad. Strong flavors from the anchovy, the garlic, and the bitter radicchio punch you in the palate like a prizefighter. The wallop makes up for the fact that you're eating rabbit food. The … [Read more...]

Doing Things Twice: Mango Salad and Duck Prosciutto

Some parents have to ask their kids "if Jimmy jumped off a bridge would you" because their kids are liable to follow. Not me. My parents had to be out in front, pulling dangerous objects (electrical sockets, sharp knives) out of my path, hoping that I did not get the idea to jump off a bridge. I never feared trying things once, and I certainly didn't need a friend to do it first. No, my problem is with doing things a second time. This continues to be true with my cooking. I have a lot of mangoes and duck prosciutto, I'll make a daringly spicy salad. That's easy. What's harder for me is … [Read more...]