The Summer of Scallops

I bought a package of scallops at the farmers market a few weeks ago and made them into a delicious dinner. For weeks, I've come home to my computer and admired the lovely pictures, remembered the soft crunch of the sea beans over the creamy tartare, and said to myself "I should really post these to the blog," Yet, it's been busy at work and I've spent what time I've been home trying to remember what my name is and how it sounds with out "On Safari Foods, This is," in front of it. Not to complain, because busy is far better than not, but then last night I was out at the incredible Guest … [Read more...]

A Valentine’s Day Meal

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've already heard about how great of a foodie's companion B is, and probably are thinking, 'enough already, tell me about the delicious eats'. And I'm getting there! "You have two options" B told me over the phone. As an old hand from the restaurant industry, I knew going out to eat was his last idea of a good time on Valentine's Day. But apparently he had gone way down south and scoped out a tiny hole-in-the-wall comfort food restaurant that he felt would be a good dinner, and going there was my first option. "Or," he said hopefully, "I can … [Read more...]